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Common Blanket Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common Blanket Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

You're cozy and content in your bed when you feel the slightest chill. That little shiver has roused you just enough to convince you to grope around for an added layer of comforting warmth. When you finally grasp the edge of your blanket, do you find yourself in a tug-of-war with a too-short concoction of itchy, smothering fabric that leaves you sweaty and irritable? 

If you choose a blanket that's too thin, too small, or too low in quality, you just might be better off in the cold!

How do you ensure that your brand new blanket is ideal for your lifestyle? The first step is learning how to avoid the most common blanket shopping mistakes so you can choose the perfect blanket or comforter for your needs.

You'll want to consider factors like fabric, weave, and size before you commit to your newest snuggling companion!  

Keep reading to learn what to look for and consider when shopping for the types of blankets that you can count on!   

Know Your Fabrics 

Whether you want a blanket to add a layer of warmth on a frigid winter night, or just need a little bit of weight on your body in the sweltering heat, fabric matters. Your blanket's fabric and weave will both determine the exact feel and function of your blanket. Understanding all the different blanket material out there can keep you from making a mistake when you pick up a new cozy accessory for the bedroom. 

Cotton Blankets

The weave of your cotton blanket makes a huge difference because this soft, skin-friendly fabric can come in many weights. If a green lifestyle is important to you, an organic cotton blanket is a great way to stick to your ideals, day or night. Cotton also washes well, which means it's a great choice for children, allergy-sufferers, or clumsy folks who love to eat pizza in bed!

If you're looking for something lightweight, we recommend the Nest Natural Cotton Comforter. It's breathable, neutral, and perfect for warm sleepers who like the feel of a blanket at night.  

Synthetic Blankets

When you touch a blanket and it feels a little too good to be true, chances are that it's made of synthetic fabric. Common examples include microfiber, polyester, and acrylic.

When comparing blanket prices, these inexpensive, seemingly lush options might appear attractive at first. The truth is, synthetic fabric tends to attract dust and hair like a fluffy magnet. They also wear down quickly and are prone to pilling. 

In the case of synthetic blankets, you get what you pay for. You are better off spending a little bit more money so you can avoid constantly replacing your blanket. 

Wool Blankets

Wool is nature's insulation! This organic fiber is naturally warm and antibacterial, making it one of our top picks for the best overall blanket material. The weave of a wool blanket allows any moisture to evaporate, so they are more sanitary and longer-lasting than alternatives. 

If you want the warmth and benefits of wool without the special washing instructions, consider the Nest Bedding Washable Wool Comforter. It's surprisingly lightweight and can help you create the perfect sleep environment. 

Weighted Blankets 

Above all, a blanket should be comforting. In recent years, the weighted blanket has grown in popularity as a source of anxiety relief. These blankets are breathable, but provide a steady physical weight to help relieve nerves and provide a steady pressure to calm anxious sleepers. 

When choosing a weighted blanket, you will want to be sure that provides the soothing weight you crave without any added ambient noise. Ideally, look for a clean, quiet lead-free blanket that won't wake you up once you've finally settled into slumber. 

For the perfect balance of weight and warmth, we recommend the Luxury Weighted Blanket from Nest Bedding. It's perfect for sleeping or snuggling during the chillier months of the year. 

Double Check Your Mattress Size 

One of the easiest mistakes to make when buying bedroom blankets (and especially when buying blankets online) is choosing the wrong size. While comforters and duvet covers are often described using familiar terms like 'twin' or 'queen,' blankets can be an exception. Instead of standard sizing, manufacturers might provide dimensions, and your best estimate may fall short.

Before you shop, know if you want a blanket to cover your entire bed, hotel-style, or if you just want something to keep folded at the foot. If you're buying a blanket for watching TV on the couch, know if you want a blanket ideal for solo snuggling, or if you need room for two.  

You can compare the dimensions of your chosen blanket to the standard mattress dimensions:

  • A twin-sized bed is 90" by 65"
  • A twin-XL sized bed is 95" by 65" 
  • A full-sized bed is 90" by 85"
  • A queen-sized bed is 90" by 90"
  • A king-sized bed is 90" by 110"
  • A California king-sized bed is 100" by 110" 

Choosing a blanket that is the right size (or larger) will ensure that you're not fighting for covers when you finally crawl into bed! Always cross-reference your blanket dimensions before you commit so you don't end up shivering in your own bed! 

Avoid Blanket Shopping Mistakes With Nest

When you're ready to get cozy, the last thing you want is an itchy, pill-covered blanket that's too short, too warm, or too distracting. By paying attention to the fabric, weave, and size of your new blanket, you can avoid the biggest blanket shopping mistakes. A high-quality luxury blanket is an investment that will keep you toasty warm for years to come. 

If you're ready for a revolution in snuggling, a brand new blanket from Nest Bedding may be in your future. Browse our collection of cozy, quality designed blankets and comforters today. An incredible natural fiber comforter from Nest Bedding is never, ever a mistake!