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Dogs Should Sleep Well, Too: Guide to the Best Dog Beds

Dogs Should Sleep Well, Too: Guide to the Best Dog Beds

You go to great lengths to make sure your bedroom is peaceful, cozy and soft. Shouldn't your furry best friend have the same luxury?

Gone are the days when dogs were relegated to sleeping on tattered, paper-thin cushions. Today's dog beds are plush, elegant and cushy enough to rival your own!

Yet, with so many options on the market, how can you make sure you're choosing the perfect one for your pampered pooch? That's why we're here!

Today, we're sharing a guide on how to pick the best dog beds, taking every consideration into account. Read on to learn how to spoil your pup in style.

Choose Your Shape

Before you start shopping for a new dog bed, spend a few nights observing your pet as he sleeps. What kind of behavior does he exhibit?

Some dogs prefer to curl up, while others like to burrow into the fabric. Then, there are dogs that love to sprawl out and those who lean back casually.

Thankfully, there are dog beds designed to accommodate all of these sleepers! Choosing the right one can help make sure your dog stays comfortable all night long. Let's take a look at your top choices. 

Round Bed

Does your dog prefer to curl up into a ball when he sleeps?

If so, he'll appreciate the soft contours offered by a simple, round dog bed. This shape will give him a sense of security and help him feel tucked in and protected.

Cave-Style Bed

Most nest-style dog beds are also round. However, these have one feature that makes them distinctive: a cozy cave!

The "cave" is a flap of fabric attached to the top of the bed that stays permanently open. It gives your dog a covered place to dig into and hide, making it perfect for dogs who love to burrow!

Rectangular Pillow Bed

Do you have a sprawler on your hands? If your dog loves to spread out in every direction while he sleeps, a round bed might not offer enough space to do so.

In this case, look for a rectangular pillow bed. You can also look at high-quality dog pads, but make sure they offer enough support to comfortably hold his body. 

For the ultimate spot to sprawl, check out our Wool Dog Bed. Thick and supportive, it will soon become your pet's favorite spot in the house.

Bolstered Bed

Think of a bolstered dog bed as a mini couch! 

This style of bed sinks a little lower in the middle, surrounded by higher sides that he'll love to snuggle against. 

For inspiration, check out our Bolstered Dog Bed.

It's filled with 100% breathable, green waste recycled plastic fill, and covered by an easy-to-clean canvas cotton fabric. Available in a small, medium, or large size, the bed's bolstered edges also relieve the pressure points on aging dogs!

If your dog loves to lean back while he sleeps, this cushion will safely support his head and neck.

Select Your Size

Once you know the shape of the dog bed you need, it's time to start thinking about size.

To accurately gauge how much space he'll need to sleep, measure your dog from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail while he's in his preferred sleeping position. 

Then, add about eight to 10 inches to that number. That's your ideal bed length or diameter.

If you're on the fence about two different sizes, always err on the side of caution and choose the bigger one. Before you buy, don't forget to measure the space where you intend to place the bed and make sure it will fit!

Consider Types of Filling

Most dogs are ultra-comfortable sleeping on a standard dog bed filled with high-quality polyester fiberfill, polyfill or foam.

However, some might require additional support on their joints. In this case, a special, orthopedic bed can make a world of difference.

Wondering if your dog needs one? The following dog types can benefit from an orthopedic bed:

  • Senior dogs
  • Arthritic dogs
  • Dogs suffering from hip dysplasia
  • Dogs recovering from an injury

While an orthopedic bed can be an investment, the benefits it will provide your pup are more than worth it.

A great-quality orthopedic bed can help keep aches and pains away while easing the stress on your dog's hips, joints, and pressure points. Today, you can even find dog beds made with NASA-certified orthopedic memory foam, so be sure to research your options.

In addition to an orthopedic foam filler, aging or aching dogs can also benefit from a low-profile bed that doesn't require much effort to hop into. 

Don't Forget Aesthetics

Yes, a dog bed should be functional and comfortable. That doesn't mean it can't look great, too!

Your dog bed will likely be on full display most of the time. It might in your bedroom, laundry room, or living room. As such, you want to make sure it reflects your personal style and complements your home's decor.

When shopping for a dog bed, look for one that's as stylish as it is snug. Now, you can find ones covered in various patterns, designs, and colors.

In addition, consider other design elements that might be important to you.

For instance, if you prefer sustainable fabrics, check out our creative Pet Tent! Made completely with premium materials in a solar-powered manufacturing plant, it's the ultimate in eco-conscious comfort. 

Find the Best Dog Beds for Your Furry Friends

Whether you're shopping for your first pet or you've been buying dog beds for years, the process can be confusing.

You want to make sure you're making the right decision, but you can't exactly ask your pet to tell you what he wants. The best dog beds are those that are comfortable, secure and designed to give him the best night's sleep possible.

That's where our dog beds come in.

Made with the same Earth-friendly materials and processes that define our signature bedding collections, they're as soft and supportive as they are sleek and stylish.

Feel free to browse our entire selection of pet beds today and contact us with any questions.