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Healthy Ways to Use Social Media

Healthy Ways to Use Social Media

Like everything in life, social media has a good, bad, and ugly side. Social media is perversive. With toxicity piling up, alternative platforms providing a more positive and realistic approach to life in the interwebs have cropped up. For instance, BeReal, an Instagram alternative, promotes unfiltered images, limits notifications to once a day, and shows the number of photo retakes to reduce social media obsession and unrealistic expectations.

You can exploit social media without losing yourself in the process. Here are ways of cultivating healthy social media habits.

Be Intentional About Your Time

Instead of waking up to scroll mindlessly on social media, try minding your time. How you spend your time shows what is important in your life. Social media has a priority over anything or anyone if it consumes most of your time. Prioritize your life and allot time for other significant things or people.

  • Keep your phone away from your room before going to bed.
  • Find other beneficial habits to help you deal with frustrations, anger, or irritation.
  • Be in the moment - give people or activities your full attention
  • Have a time limit for being online.

Take a Break

Your obsession with social media is a behavioral addiction. Your mind gets a 'high' from consuming content. However, the information, usually unrealistic and unattainable, leaves you low, insecure, covetous, and unsatisfied with your life. Take control of your life by logging off.

Recharge your energy by focusing on your real life. Learn to appreciate the people, things, and freedoms at your disposal. Re-prioritize your life by focusing your attention on things that matter.

Follow Fulfiling Content

Instead of chasing the vanities that fill your timeline, limit your content access. Find inspiring and motivating content to consume. Learn a skill or habit that can make your life more fulfilling. Numerous content creators focus on exercising, healthy living, or mind and wellness. Others teach people DIY projects like cooking, origami, art, music, dancing, photography, and sports. Focus on something worthwhile, things that add value to your life.

Avoid Using Social Media Before Bedtime

Your phone emits a blue light that interferes with your internal clock. It keeps you awake by delaying the release of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleepiness and rest. Have a winding down schedule to prepare your body for slumber. Sleep lets your body and mind rejuvenate and energize for the next day. It also tames anxiety and depression, reducing the urge to indulge in social media content for relief.

Embrace Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the habit of living in the moment. It helps you focus and appreciate what you have. Mindfulness is the ticket to truly living.

When engaging with people, pay attention to their verbal and non-verbal communication. Empathize with their sentiments and experiences. Listen to what they are saying.

When you are eating, focus on the food, savor the flavors, and feel the textures. Enjoy the ambiance. Avoid always rushing to do the next thing or capturing moments on your phone for social media.

Notice your surrounding, the smells, sounds, and feelings they evoke. Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions. They are indicators of your subconscious. Deal with issues and avoid drowning your misery on social media. Do things with all your heart, no matter how mundane they seem.