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How to Choose a Kids Mattress

How to Choose a Kids Mattress

If you have kids, the chances are that you care deeply about their health and well-being, as we do for our children. While it is challenging to prioritize your sleep and rest, doing so for your child is fundamental. A child’s body is almost always in a state of growth and repair, with most of its biological engine running through the night. When your child sleeps, their body is active; they sweat, toss, turn, and dream. For this reason, parents find themselves shopping regularly for mattresses, bedding, and other items to support their kid's health. There are many options out there to support your child’s bedtime routines and sleep quality. At Nest Bedding, we’re doing our part to help parents identify their child's needs and provide products that promote healthy sleep. 

If you are a parent, grandparent, parent-to-be, or just shopping for someone’s baby shower, you may have done a couple of searches online to find the best ‘children’s mattress’. Searches like that will get you many results, but hardly what you are looking for. Many brands market that their adult mattress is suitable for children, and unfortunately, if they are still doing this, it is because the marketing is working. But is the mattress working out for the child? While a child can find a 10” thick all foam mattress comfortable, good luck stopping them from rolling off it in the night. Our advice here is just to take your time, do your research, ask the right questions, and make sure you buy a mattress designed for a child's body. 

Every child starts off as a little swaddled bundle of cuddly joy, and infants sleep a lot. Sleep system options for infants range from cradles to cribs. Our Stork crib mattress is the purest crib mattress option online. Not only is it a wholly certified organic product, but it also carries numerous certifications from regulatory entities for low toxicity and low VOC. The Stork mattress is perfect for parents seeking the highest quality standard of sleep for their baby. 

Sleep training is the first step in a baby's journey to sleeping successfully independently, and parents begin doing this after about four months. The Stork Crib is a standard crib size and fits most fully enclosed crib frames. The organic cotton fabric, latex, and coils, inside the crib mattress promote breathability and temperature regulation. The feel of this mattress is firm, which is recommended by pediatricians, as babies should always sleep on their backs. A firm surface will be suitable for their growing bodies for many years to come. Parents can also get the maximum use of a crib mattress by using 4-step crib frames and mattress protectors that stop leaks and spills from infiltrating the mattress.

As a parent, reading to your child at bedtime is highly recommended. Most kids love to snuggle, and often you may end up lying in bed next to them. This is doable in a crib mattress, but we wouldn’t recommend it. So as your child ages out of the crib dimension, you are ready to shop for an upgrade in size and composition. This is the next step that mattress companies have made quite confusing. As mentioned previously, many brands produce marketing that leads shoppers to believe that a mattress designed for an adult is ideal for children too. That is just not the case; your child needs a children's mattress. We came to this realization in 2016 when we launched the internet’s first kids mattress, My BKB (Big Kids Bed), now known as our Puffin mattress. The Puffin mattress is comprised of high-quality Energex™ foams and a breathable cover. This mattress is highly rated by industry experts and loved by children. 

At Nest Bedding, we are parents. We are mattress experts. We’ll help you find the right fit for your child's sleep needs.

If you have any questions about children's mattresses, please contact us or visit a Nest Bedding showroom near you.