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How to Choose a Mattress That Offers Back Support

How to Choose a Mattress That Offers Back Support

According to the American Chiropractic Association, close to 80% of the population has back pain at one point or another during their lifetime. Because back pain is so prevalent, you must find a way to improve your back support.

Do you want to learn how buying a new mattress can help you with back support? Keep reading this article to see how to choose the best mattress that will offer great back support. 

Take a Test Drive

One of the most important things you can do to find a supportive mattress is to test it out. While you may sleep well on a mattress for a few nights, your body may not do well when you sleep on it long-term. By testing out your new mattress, you will be able to find something that works for you.

Luckily, when you buy a mattress online, they often offer great return policies! In fact, some companies even offer you a trial period of a year to make sure you love your mattress. If it isn't working out, you can return the mattress and try out other models. 

Test Out Firmness

Next, to find a supportive mattress that works for your needs, you will want to test out different levels of firmness. While many people believe that a firm mattress is the best for back pain, this isn't necessarily true. 

In fact, firm mattresses may be too hard and won't allow you to get proper rest. Generally, buying a medium-firm mattress is the best option. This will allow you to get enough support for your back while still having the comfort of a softer mattress. 

Learn About The Features of Each Mattress

To find a great mattress, you will also want to learn about the features of each mattress.

For example, what is your mattress made from? There are traditional mattresses that have innerspring and others that are made from memory foam. Getting a memory foam mattress is a great option if you want a mattress that molds to your body.

You can also consider getting an adjustable mattress that will allow you to change the settings. This will give you the option for both a comfortable and soft mattress and a firm mattress that supports your back.

Find a Mix of Support and Comfort

As was mentioned, you must find a mattress that has a mixture of comfort and support. If you have a supportive mattress that is too firm, it can actually lead to more back pain. It would prevent your back from relaxing and may make it stiffer. 

However, if you have a mattress that is too soft and comfortable, it will not provide the support that you need. Getting a mixture of these features will help you find the best support for your back!

Back Support Benefits

One of the benefits of getting a mattress with great back support is that it will help ease your back pain. When you are experiencing back pain, it can be difficult to find anything that can help. However, by simply replacing your mattress, changing your sleeping positions, or even getting a new pillow, you can have better back support. 

Another great benefit of having a mattress with good back support is that it will allow you to sleep better and more comfortably. Rather than tossing and turning until you can find a comfortable position, a firmer mattress can help cradle your back and offer it support. 

There are many reasons that you need better back support and many benefits that come from getting a supportive mattress. If you find that you are not sleeping well in your own bed, getting the best mattress you can buy is one that offers more support. 

When to Replace Your Mattress

It is important that you replace your mattress every couple of years to have the best support possible. However, there are many reasons why you should get a new mattress. 

First, as was mentioned before, it is important to get a new mattress if your current mattress is anywhere from 6-8 years old. By this time, your mattress has likely broken down and is not offering as many benefits as it once did. 

Another reason you should get a new mattress is if there are visible signs of wear and tear. For example, mattresses with an innerspring may have noisier springs the older they get. You may also notice that your mattress is saggy or damaged. 

Finally, it is vital to replace your mattress if it is not allowing you to get good sleep. Even if your mattress is only a year old, it is worth switching it for a better option.

If you wake up sore or stiff, if you have a hard time falling asleep, or if you sleep better at a hotel or on another mattress, it may benefit you to find a new mattress with better qualities and support. 

Find a New Mattress Today

Finding a new mattress can allow you to get better sleep and can help with back pain. However, it can be stressful choosing between the many options available. If you want to find a mattress with good back support to help with back pain, following these tips can help!

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