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How to Clean a Weighted Blanket

How to Clean a Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are designed to improve sleep and reduce stress and anxiety. These blankets are often used as therapeutic tools that help patients with mental health problems and insomnia. Apart from serving a therapeutic purpose, weighted blankets are now popular products for all people who want to improve their sleep quality and quantity.

Users of weighted blankets must maintain regular use to attain the benefits they're purported to provide. These blankets get dirty with time because they often come into contact with dust, dander, body oils and fluids. As such, you'll need to clean your weighted blanket to keep it fresh, clean and sanitary.

How Do You Clean Your Weighted Blanket?

Unlike most traditional blankets, your weighted blanket needs special care because it's exceptionally heavy. As such, some aren't machine washable. However, the manufacturers often sell heavy-weighted blankets alongside washable covers that are easy to clean with your regular laundry.

Ideally, weighted blankets weighing over 20 pounds should be cleaned at your local laundromat, where they can get washed in a large commercial washing machine. This will save your home machine from the significant wear and tear caused by oversized linens.

You may use your home washing machine to clean any weighted blankets weighing 15 – 20 pounds. Generally, it's best to wash your blanket using a gentle cycle as well as mild detergent and cold water. But before putting your blanket into any washing machine, however, you should first consult its care tag to learn about cleaning and care tips given by the manufacturer.

Procedural Steps to Follow When Machine-Washing Your Weighted Blanket

  • Before cleaning your weighted blanket, remove the outer cover and check the care tags to know the cleaning requirements recommended by the manufacturers.

  • If your blanket didn't encounter a major spill or bed wetting, clean the cover separately.

  • If you need to clean the blanket and the cover, determine the fabric and fillings of the inner blanket to determine the appropriate cleaning process and materials.

  • Before cleaning your blanket, check for stains and spot-clean them using a toothbrush dipped in an ideal stain-removal solution.

  • For weighted blankets over 20 pounds, take them to a local laundromat for cleaning, but skip the bleach and fabric softener to prevent possible fiber breakdown.

  • If your blanket is 15 – 20 pounds or lighter, wash it at home using a mild detergent and cool water in a gentle cycle. But before loading your washer, ensure that it can handle the weight and size of your weighted blanket.

  • If you can't machine-wash your weighted blanket, try the hand-washing option.

How to Hand-Wash Your Weighted Blanket

  • Clean your bathtub or any container that is wide enough to hold your weighted blanket to ensure no grime or dirt will stain your blanket and complicate the cleaning process.

  • Fill your bathtub with cool or lukewarm water, based on care-tag recommendations, and some mild detergent.

  • Gently agitate the detergent in the water and lower your blanket into the solution. Make sure the blanket is completely submerged, and squeeze the water through the blanket's fabric gently and repeatedly.

  • Let your blanket soak in the solution for about 20 minutes.

  • Lift the blanket out and drain the cleaning solution. After that, refill the tub with fresh water and gently squeeze the blanket in the water to remove the soapy solution.

  • Repeat this rinsing step until there are no more suds, and drain the tub.

  • Lift the blanket out and gently squeeze out the water without wringing.

  • Find a dryer to dry your blanket in a low-heat setting. Or air dry the blanket on a wide and flat clean surface.

Final Thoughts:

Cleaning your weighted blanket makes it safe and fresh. It also ensures that it's comfortable to use. Ideally, it's best if you clean your weighted blanket whenever it gets dirty. If it gets dirty often, invest in a cover that will protect your blanket from spills, dust and debris. With a good blanket cover, you extend your blanket's life by avoiding excess cleaning that might increase wear and tear. Last but not least, consider an extra cover in your linen closet to make cleaning your linens quick and easy.