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How to Declutter Your Room: The Key Steps to Take

How to Declutter Your Room: The Key Steps to Take

According to research,  one in four Americans finds it challenging to rid their home of clutter. At the same time, 84% worry that their homes aren't organized, and 55% say the mess in their homes is a major cause of stress.

Can you see yourself in these numbers?

It's easy to let a few little piles turn into an avalanche of chaos. When it happens in your bedroom, it can be especially disheartening. This spot is supposed to be a peaceful oasis but can turn into the exact opposite when there are little messes everywhere.

Wondering how to declutter your room?

It's actually easier than you think, as long as you're willing to get started and make a change. Let's take a look at the steps that can help you reclaim this space as the serene retreat it was always meant to be.

1. Make Your Bed

There are two reasons we suggest starting with your bed when you're ready to declutter your room.

First, it's likely the biggest item in there. Tackling this chore in the beginning will give you a sense of accomplishment and help set the stage for a successful clean-up! 

Second, once your sheets are tightly tucked, your comforter is smoothed, and your bed is free of debris, you can use that area to sort and organize items as you go through them!

Before you simply toss the blankets over your pillows and call it a day, take the time to wash and dry your bedding and make sure it's seasonally appropriate. Is it time to switch out those faded flannels for our summery, Luxury Linen Sheet Set?

2. Use the Three-Box Method

As you declutter your bedroom, resist the temptation to keep every item that you encounter. If you do, you'll simply organize it into new piles and the mess will return immediately.

Rather, go section by section and stick to the tried-and-true three-box method. Use these boxes to categorize everything into these categories:

  • Keep
  • Store
  • Remove

Once you've organized your belongings into these three boxes, there's still work to do.

Find a home for everything in the "Keep" box, storing each item in a designated drawer or container. Then, label storage containers as required and fill them with things in the "Store" box.

Finally, take a look at the items in your "Remove" pile. Rather than tossing everything in the trash, take the time to see if you can sell or donate most of the items to someone in need.

One tip? Before you start sorting, don't forget to look under your bed and pull those items out, too! It's all too easy to use that hidden space as a catch-all for single socks, wrapping paper, photo albums, and almost anything else!

3. Look for Unique Storage Options

As you complete the step above, you don't have to put everything in your "Keep" pile right back where you found it. Instead, look for unique or unexpected ways to showcase the items you want to leave in your bedroom.

For example, instead of shoving all of your hats into the top shelf of the closet, why not hang them on the wall? This frees up space, adds visual interest, and helps you see all of the items at once.

Other often-forgotten places to store your items include the back of the door and a storage ottoman!

4. Take Out All Non-Essentials

There will inevitably be a few random knick-knacks in your bedroom, such as a box of ticket stubs or a decorative figurine. However, take inventory of how many items you have in this space that truly don't belong there.

This includes big-ticket items such as furniture and electronic devices. In fact, most sleep experts agree that the bedroom is no place for screens, as the blue light they emit can keep us awake.

While you're busy taking out the television and laptop, scan the room to see if there are any chairs, stools, or other small furniture items that you could move to a different spot. Keep your bed frame, dresser, and a classic bedside table, such as our Rustic Nightstand.

Removing some of these items can instantly make your room feel bigger. It also opens up floor space and makes navigation easier, too!

5. Pare Down Your Closet

Chances are, your closet is one of your greatest sources of bedroom clutter.

While you can sort and organize those items during Step 2, you might find it easier and less overwhelming to approach this section separately.

As you flip through the racks and determine what to keep, store or toss, remember to put any sentimental items in the "Store" box. Yes, it's special, but your 20-year-old wedding dress doesn't need to take up valuable real estate in this spot. The same goes for your daughter's first dance costume or those stirrup pants you loved in college. 

Want to really simplify this space? Try creating a capsule wardrobe! Paring your clothing options down to just the essentials can help you find a few pieces you truly love, rather than a hundred that you simply like.

How to Declutter Your Room and Keep It Tidy

When you're staring at a disheveled abyss, clearing the clutter from your bedroom can feel like a daunting task. Thankfully, even the smallest steps can make a major difference.

Now that you know how to declutter your room, it's time to get started! When you take it step-by-step, it can feel manageable, rewarding, and even fun! The best part will be slipping into bed at the end of the day, looking around at the results of your hard work.

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