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How to Stay Comfortably Cool During Warmer Spring Days

How to Stay Comfortably Cool During Warmer Spring Days

We might be right on the precipice of spring, but summer is quick on its heels.

Soon, our days will get longer, our clothes will get lighter and our air will get much, much warmer.

How will you stay comfortably cool when the temperatures rise? 

Thankfully, you don't have to resort to eating a popsicle in front of a box fan. There are plenty of quick and easy ways to beat the heat. Read on to learn a few of our favorite tips!

Lighten Up Your Wardrobe

There's a reason why cotton t-shirts are the unofficial wardrobe staple of spring and summer. They're comfy, relaxed and give your skin plenty of room to breathe.

This season, skip the heavy jeans and tight-fitting clothing. Instead, swap it for looser and more lightweight garments, including cotton and linen shirts, sundresses, and shorts.

If you do have to dress in pants, keep them as cool as possible by switching your black slacks out for khakis. At the same time, nix the socks and wear sandals anywhere you can!

Stay Hydrated

Will this finally be the year that you start carrying around that 32-ounce water bottle everywhere?

Especially in the warmer months, it pays to keep plenty of water close by. Not only will your skin thank you for the much-needed hydration boost, but your organs will, too.

Dehydration can cause your blood pressure to drop, making you feel dizzy, weak and tired. It can even lead to life-threatening conditions if left untreated.

Make sure you're drinking an adequate amount for your body weight and take frequent sips to avoid overheating.

Lighten Up Your Sleep Space

It's officially time to put away the flannel sheets and heavy comforters!

This spring, think breezy bedding that lets you move, stretch and snuggle in airy comfort.

Start with this Cooling Topper, designed to add instant comfort and airflow to your mattress. Then, smooth on our Luxury Linen Sheet Set, featuring our durable, breathable vegan fiber.

Finally, rest your head on the Cool Pillow

Merging the flexibility of our Easy Breather Pillow with phase-change fabric technology, this innovative accessory is cool to the touch. It also helps regulate your temperature while you sleep!

Dive in and indulge in the best sleep of the season. Bonus points if you leave the windows open and let the breeze in!

Indulge in a Cool Treat

Want to cool down in seconds and earn rave reviews as the coolest parent on the block?

Whip up an easy, simple no-bake dessert that satisfies your sweet tooth and chills your palette at the same time!

This list is chocked full of all the homemade ice cream, frozen pies and refrigerator cheesecake recipes you could want. Make one on an especially balmy day, or prepare a few on Monday and keep them on hand for a weekday pick-me-up. 

We didn't say beating the heat would be easy, but someone has to do it.

Help Your Air Conditioner Work Smarter

Your A/C might be pumping chilly air at full blast, but on the hottest day, you might be hard-pressed to feel relief.

If this is the case, there are a few steps you can take to help your system work smarter, not harder.

First, shut your blinds or close your curtains when you can. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that your home loses 25% to 30% of its heating and cooling energy to heat gain and heat loss that happens through your windows.

During the day, you can also shut the doors to any room you're not using. At night, strategically positioning a fan in your room can help you create a cross-breeze without turning on the A/C.

You can also save the evening hours to do your heat-generating chores, like laundry and vacuuming. The heat from electronics and appliances can raise the temperature in your home, making you hotter and overworking your A/C.

Take Short Showers

As winter gives way to spring, those long, hot baths can leave you feeling more depleted than relaxed.

To stay as cool as possible, ditch the hour-long soak at the end of the day. It might seem tranquil at first, but you'll be sweating in no time. Your skin, hair, and nails could also suffer from the drying heat.

Instead, stick to short, lukewarm showers. Not only will you save money on hot water, but you'll also help your skin stay hydrated! Slather on cooling aloe vera gel as soon as you hop out for an extra-soothing treat.

Avoid Peak Outdoor Hours

Sometimes, the most effective way to avoid overheating is to simply stay indoors. While no one expects you to hibernate in the A/C all day long, try to schedule your outdoor activities before 11:00 a.m. and after 2:00 p.m.

Those three hours in the middle of the day are when the sun is at its hottest.

Sunburns are also more likely during this time period. Limiting your exposure during this peak time is ideal, but if you're forced to be outside, make sure you dress appropriately.

Find Your Quick-Cooling Points

Did you know there are areas of your body that tend to react to cold stimuli more powerfully than others?

These are your quick-cooling points, and finding them can unlock instant relief, especially when you're sweltering hot!

Some of these points are located in the following locations:

  • Ankles
  • Wrists
  • Neck
  • Temples
  • Elbow bends

Apply an ice pack or a frozen bottle of water to these points and notice the difference immediately. You can also soak a washcloth in cool water and apply it to the same areas.

Stay Comfortably Cool, All Season Long

This spring, will you be a wilting daisy, exhausted from the heat and sun? Or will, you embrace the new season armed with plenty of ways to amp up the chill factor?

The tips above can help you stay comfortably cool, no matter what your weather app says. Try them today and never dread the heat again!

Looking for more ways to keep your home as comfortable as possible? Our extensive mattress, bedding, and furniture selection can make it easy.

Feel free to browse our full line and contact us today with any questions.