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Main Benefits of a Flippable Mattress

Main Benefits of a Flippable Mattress

Wear, tear, and a sagging mattress is every sleeper’s worst fear; however, there’s a mattress on the market that promises to last longer, one that’s flippable. There are many benefits of a flippable mattress, such as its longevity over one-sided mattresses and its dual firmness that sleepers can take advantage of.

This article will go through the main benefits of flippable mattresses, the difference between single-sided and double-sided mattresses, and which is better for a good night’s sleep.

What are the Main Benefits of a Flippable Mattress?

The main benefits of a flippable mattress are that they tend to last longer than one-sided mattresses, make the bed feel brand new every time you flip it, and have better control over body impressions as you rotate and flip the mattress.

Flippable mattresses tend to last longer than one-sided mattresses due to their ability to be used on two sides instead of one. So, instead of being stuck to only using a single side, two sides can be alternated, often extending your mattress's life.

“Flipping your mattress is a great way to ensure it wears evenly. Not all hybrid mattresses allow you to do this, as they don't have the memory foam section on both sides.

This can also ensure that you get consistent support from the memory foam layer. It also reduces the stress on the coils so they wear more evenly.” - Christian Alexander, Nest Bedding CEO

Another one of the main benefits of a flippable mattress is its newness every time the mattress is flipped. Flipping a mattress between two sides extends its lifespan and will feel like a brand new bed every time it’s reversed. When one side is slept on, the other has time to recover and will feel almost brand new when you flip it.

On top of this, sleepers also have better control over body impressions as they alternate between two sides, which can also rotate. Typically, as we sleep, our head, torso, and hips make the most significant body impression on the bed, while our legs and feet make hardly any impression. By flipping and rotating the mattress, every square inch of the bed is being used to distribute weight.

Most flippable mattresses also come in various choices of firmness, allowing sleepers to switch between medium or firm feel on a dime. So, for example, if a sleeper was developing back pain on the soft or medium side of their mattress, they could simply flip the mattress over to the firmer side for an instant solution - no need to go out and buy a topper or a whole new mattress.

Flippable mattresses come in many variations, so it’s always good to know which flippable mattresses are best before choosing one.

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What’s the Difference Between a Single-sided and a Double-sided Mattress?

The difference between single-sided and double-sided mattresses is that single-sided mattresses tend to be built from the ground up. In contrast, double-sided mattresses are mirrored and built out with cushioning material of different densities on both sides. This mirroring is ideal for combination sleepers who may want different firmness levels depending on how they sleep.

Which is Better, Single-sided or Double-sided Mattress?

The better choice of single-sided and double-sided mattresses is up to an individual's needs. However, the increased lifespan and density option of flippable mattresses make them more preferred over single-sided mattresses.

Single-sided mattresses are typically more widely available than double-sided mattresses; however, double-sided mattresses allow sleepers to choose from two firmness levels.

And although less maintenance is required of one-sided mattresses, they have a shorter lifespan than flippable mattresses.


How Often Should I Flip a Mattress?

Sleepers should flip a mattress once every several months, once a year, or if a bed begins to sag.


Do you use a flippable mattress? Tell us in the comments below!

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