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Mattress Sizes and Dimensions: Figuring Out the Perfect Bedroom Layout

Mattress Sizes and Dimensions: Figuring Out the Perfect Bedroom Layout

Buying a mattress is good, but buying the perfect-fitting one is even better for you and your money. Depending on where you are, you may look for a bigger or smaller mattress to replace your current one. Although most people are looking for a mattress the same size as the one they had before, it may just be worth trying something a bit larger than what you have now. Here are a few ways to figure out the perfect bedroom layout for a cozy, relaxed space.

The First Thing to Consider is How Many People the Space Hosts

Do you have a partner, children or pets? Your bedroom layout needs to be set up to accommodate everyone's needs. If you have a partner, you may need a bigger mattress or even two different mattresses designed for each sleeping style. A king-size, Carl king-size, or queen-size mattress is usually ideal for couples with kids.

If you and your partner do not like the same mattress, you can purchase two twin XL mattresses which make up a King Size mattress. This also works great if your partner tosses and turns often so you don't wake each other up. Additionally, people with larger pets like dogs may want a big bed if they don't sleep in crates.

Take Your Dimensions into Consideration

If you are taller than the average person, you may want to get a mattress that is longer than the standard 6-foot mattress. Mattresses like the Twin XL size, 38" W* 80" L, are great for tall adults who may not necessarily have enough room for a wider bed. Some mattresses give extra inches for 6 feet tall people. You can get between 6 to ten inches when fully extended on these mattresses.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Your available floor area will directly impact your bedroom layout. If you have a small bedroom, you may be forced to settle for a smaller bed and furniture. If you are working with a small room adopting a minimalist approach to the interior layout is a helpful way to plan the space. Avoid purchasing anything you can do without.

Next, You Need to Consider Your Sleeping Style

Most people do not realize that they have a sleeping style mostly because you can't observe how you sleep when you are asleep. You can tell your sleeping style by how you feel most comfortable when lying down and the sleeping style you wake in. If you fall asleep and wake up the same way, you probably prefer sleeping on your back. Thanks to modern technology, you can get a mattress specifically designed to support your sleeping style so you do not get aches and pains in the morning.

Lastly, consider the future. Future growth or small scaling can affect the type of mattress you buy. If you plan on moving to a smaller house, you may need to buy a smaller mattress. On the other hand, a bigger bed may be the better choice if you are expecting kids.

The Take-Away

You can set up your bedroom to serve as a restful space in many different ways. When figuring out your bedroom layout, it is paramount that you keep it simple. Choose a mattress that fully meets your needs. Don't forget to consider the future because a mattress will likely last you a few decades. If you expect to have children and get married or move to a smaller space, you should keep these things in mind.