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Nest Bedding’s Best: Organic Mattresses for Kids of All Ages

puffin bed

Every parent wants their child to get the best night's sleep possible, but that's not always as easy as you might think. Several factors may negatively impact the bedtime routine including an uncomfortable mattress.

Nest Bedding has a range of mattresses to suit your growing kiddos at any size.  From crib to twin and up to full, Nest’s organic kid’s mattresses ensure safety, comfort and quality so you spend less time fussing about bedtime and more time snuggling in with the perfect bedtime story. 

Here are three mattresses from Nest that will have your little one safely tucked in tight for a long night’s sleep:

The Stork

Fingers crossed, your new baby spends most of their time sleeping peacefully. With so much time spent in dreamland, infants need a quiet, safe, comfortable spot to rest their head. Nest Bedding's Stork mattress is made of all-natural and organic materials to ensure safety and best possible environment for a napping baby.

The Stork mattress also fits convertible crib bed frames as well as any latex cribs. In addition, Nest Bedding offers the Stork in an oval-shaped mattress upon request as to perfectly fit your little one’s nursing crib. 

Our Stork mattress is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), and UL Greenguard certified. 

GOTS certification equates to the top quality and certified organic wool used in creation of our kid’s mattress. The Stork mattress also has organic wool fabric, which guarantees not harmful chemicals were used in making your child’s new mattress.

In addition, inside the Stork mattress cover you’ll find a combination of certified organic cotton and wool quilt. This organic combo provides a chemical-free fire barrier, ensuring no toxins reach your child while they dream.

GOLS certification speaks to the 100% natural rubber latex used in the core of the Stork mattress. While it perfectly protects all ten fingers and all ten toes of your baby's developing body, moms and dads enjoy benefits like free shipping and a 30-night free trial when you buy the Stork.

And remember, Nest Bedding’s Stork mattress is designed and built by the experienced craftsman at OMI, in their certified ECO-FACTORY™ using materials that are ultra-safe for your bundle of joy. 

The Puffin

Now, your little one is finishing their first year and ready to go to college. Wait! I know I skipped a few steps, but at one-year-old your kid has definitely outgrown their Stork mattress and needs something to fit their sprouting bodies. TIme to upgrade to the next mattress that is built to support the growing body of your child.. 

Introducing The Puffin. 

The Puffin mattress is the smartest investment that you could make for your little one’s health and continued development. It comes in a Twin, Twin XL, or Full size and can hold up to 110lbs. 

This mattress contains a breathable cover and the Cooling Energex™ foam that naturally pulls heat away from the body to help regulate temperature and provide your kid with a comfortable, full night of sleep. Our Cooling Energex™ foam core is a high-performance, durable, and breathable hybrid foam made without latex. 

All foams are made in the USA, CertiPUR-US certified, and contain non-toxic materials and a chemical-free fire barrier. Nest Bedding even allows time for all foams to air out in our factory, which drastically decreases any residual off-gassing.

Some of the unique advantages to purchasing Nest Bedding’s Puffin mattress include:

  • The temperature-responsive foam from Energex™ thermic phase change cooling cover
  • Chemical-free hydrogenated silica is used as a fire barrier

These characteristics make the Puffin an ideal mattress to relax any kid to get them ready for a night of restful lumber.  

All Nest Bedding kid's mattress options come with a guaranteed 30-night trial just to make sure you have picked the perfect mattress for your child.

Nest Bedding's Puffin is the perfect first ‘big boy’ or ‘big girl’ bed for your child, but if your kid needs something with a little more room to grow, We might just have the perfect solution.

The Lark

Introducing the Lark – Nest Bedding's roomier mattress.

The Lark is America's first mattress-in-a-box solution for kids and was named Best Mattress for Kids in 2022 by 

It is made exclusively of certified latex with a non-chemical fire barrier and other non-toxic material to keep your kid safe at night.. Lark's firm latex layer ensures your child has gentle support that relieves pressure on different body parts while they sleep.

Our Lark mattress materials include:

  • Chemical-free hydrogenated silica used to create a fire barrier
  • Eco-friendly comfort foam
  • Joma wool and soft organic knit cotton
  • All-natural rubber tree or Dunlop latex

In addition, the mattress is CertiPUR-US® certified, with all foams allowed to air out in the factory to remarkably decrease residual off-gassing.

The Lark mattress comes in three distinct sizes: the Twin, Twin XL, and Full options to match different weight capacities. Besides the guaranteed luxury feel with our firm upgrade, the Lark also comes with a 30-night free trial to make sure its perfect for your growing critter. 

A Mattress for Any Age

Nest bedding's mattress options are all organic, safe, comfortable, and healthy. Our collection of kid’s mattresses are made with every child’s growth and development in the forefront of our thoughts.

We have built mattresses that are perfect for children at every stage of their growth to provide them with the support they need to have a perfect night of sleep from the day you bring them home from the hospital until the day you ship them off to Harvard.

Nest Bedding Supports Them as They Grow

Nest Bedding offers you the best kids' mattress options to help them get the rest they deserve every night of the week. We make sure our mattresses will continually support your children through the years.

As they grow and face new experiences that shape their lives, our mattresses will grow alongside them and always give them a comfortable and safe nest they will want to come home to..

For more information on our kid’s mattress collections and all of those perfect kid bedding accessories, go to