Lifetime Renewal Exchange

A comfort layer exchange you can redeem once, at any time, to alter the feel of your mattress or to increase its lifespan (this option saves you time and money while reducing waste).

A little bird told us you live near a Nest Bedding showroom.

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See The Bed That Nearly Broke The Internet!

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From just one small, family owned store in Berkeley, California in 2012, to one of the most recognized names in the online mattress business, The Alexander Hybrid Mattress from Nest Bedding has become one of the most talked about and most popular mattresses on the internet. 

If your bed is killing your back or worn out, it's time to consider what thousands and thousands have discovered: You can get this affordable, luxury mattress in a box!

1. Women's Daily Magazine tested many of the online mattresses and the Alexander Hybrid from Nest Bedding reigned supreme! From customers to sports stars, the Alexander Hybrid is at the top of most mattress review sites for comfort and support. Not Casper, Not Purple; Nest Bedding.

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2. Men's Fitness Magazine recommends Nest Bedding as the top site for a memory foam mattress: Of all the beds online they recommended Nest Bedding as the top site for your next memory foam mattress. Nest Bedding's Alexander Signature Series mattress is one of the top mattresses on review sites across the internet and the top online mattress on independent review site 

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3. You can try Nest Bedding mattresses and bedding in stores before you buy: Despite the fact beds are selling in record numbers online, the majority of consumers still want to see and feel the bed first before buying. Nest Bedding not only has 8 stores in major markets across the country but they have their beds in 100's of AirBnB hosts across the country.

4. Sleep like a professional athlete! Several pro athletes including Steph Curry sleep on a Nest Bedding mattress. You can sleep better, longer and without pain on a Nest Bedding mattress. 



5. Leading Independent Review Sites list Nest Bedding the top online mattress brand: Sites like and are independent and do not take commission for their reviews, and these sites rank Nest Bedding beds as their top recommendations.

6. We don't make one bed and tell you it's perfect: Nest Bedding doesn't believe in the "One Bed is Perfect for Everyone" fallacy. We believe a 300 lb truck driver with a bad back is going to have different needs than a young woman with wide hips or a hipster with wide shoulders. We believe you are pretty smart and that you know if you like a firmer or softer bed, and Nest Bedding gives you that choice. And same goes with respect to your budget as well with several price points to choose from. 

Nest Bedding has beds for every type of sleeper and body type. We don't make one bed and tell you it's perfect. We make the perfect mattress for you individually. And Nest Bedding is factory direct with beds made right here in the USA.