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Sheet Dreams: 8 Big Advantages of Organic Cotton Sheets

Sheet Dreams: 8 Big Advantages of Organic Cotton Sheets

A staggering 10-30% of adults struggle with some form of insomnia, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Lack of proper sleep can lead to a pretty tough day ahead.

Did you know that type of sheets you use may have a significant impact on how well you sleep during the night?

If you're considering switching to organic cotton sheets, read on for a list of eight big advantages to making the change.

1. It's Better for the Environment

One of the biggest benefits of organic cotton sheets is that they're more sustainable. When you go organic, you're buying material that uses significantly less water and energy to make.

Since a large portion of the world's population is facing water scarcity, organic is a great alternative. Most organic crops are rain-fed, relieving pressure from local water resources.

No dangerous chemicals or pesticides are used to grow organic cotton. This means that there's less runoff into water, soil, and the environment as a whole. The absence of chemicals isn't just better for the environment -- it's also healthier for you, too.

2. A Comfier Sleep Experience

Cotton is already a soft material, but organic cotton is even softer. Organic cotton fibers have a longer length, and they have never been treated with chemicals.

The lack of pesticides and toxins naturally makes organic cotton fibers softer and smoother. The best part? Our silky soft organic cotton sheets get even softer after every wash.

When you buy organic cotton sheets and slip into bed, you'll notice the softness right away. By its nature, organic cotton is a better option if soft sheets are your aim.

3. Organic Cottom Sheets are More Durable

When you invest in a new set of sheets, you expect them to last through several loads of washing. Thanks to the absence of chemicals during processing, organic cotton fibers remain strong.

Organic cotton won't weaken and break or tear as easily as traditional cotton. This material has a natural wax that's stripped during a "normal" chemical process.

These organic fibers don't just handle normal wear and tear beautifully. They also have a smooth, silky feel and a nice drape that makes slipping into bed luxurious. 

4. An Ethical Manufacturing Process

At Nest, our organic cotton sheets are GOTS certified, short for Global Organic Textile Standard. This means they're made by workers who are treated fairly and ethically.

Each person who makes your sheets is recognized as an individual who takes pride in the things they create. All GOTS certified products require constant upgrades and maintenance to ensure fair, quality production standards.

Special systems are in place to consistently monitor every step. This includes the growing, processing, manufacturing, and trading processes along the way. The aim is to ensure that a quality standard is held to the highest level throughout the entire process.

5. No Worries with Allergies

If you suffer from skin sensitivity or allergies, then our certified organic sheets are a great choice. Some people have reactions to traditional cotton due to the use of dyes and chemicals.

With organic cotton sheets, you won't have to worry about rashes, allergies, or hives. Those with asthma as well as small children will also benefit from these comfy, soft sheets.

The absence of these dyes and chemicals means you're getting a clean, safe product. Organic cotton is hypoallergenic, so you can wake up happy and symptom-free.

6. Versatile For Any Bedroom

One of the advantages of organic cotton sheets is that they'll add a new layer of comfort to your mattress. These thoughtfully sourced sheets are crafted responsibly in India with the best cotton available.

Our sheets have a 300 thread count, and they come in two neutral colors. It's easy to match them with any bedding and with the rest of your furniture, too.

Aside from their versatile colors, these sheets include a stretchy elastic band around the fitted sheet to keep it in place. All pillowcases feature an internal sleeve that keeps the pillow in place so it doesn't shift while you sleep.

7. Healthy Bedding

While traditional cotton has a range of additives like bleach, pesticides, dyes, and heavy metals, organic cotton doesn't. Not only can those additives cause allergies, but they can cause other health issues, too.

For some people, sleeping on traditional sheets can be a health hazard. You can avoid the extra worry by choosing organic cotton instead.

The use of organic fibers for clothing and sheets is recommended for babies, children, and adults. Since you're sleeping on your sheets several hours every night, why not make a safer, healthier choice?

8. Easy Care and Cleaning

Our organic cotton sheets are easy to keep clean. We recommend that you launder them before using them for the first time.

You can machine wash the sheets on the cold cycle and use a mild laundry detergent. Never use bleach on your organic cotton sheets.

Once the sheets are washed, dry them on low heat on the tumble cycle, then promptly remove them. You can also iron them on low heat if you choose. 

Organic Cotton Sheets Means Better Sleep

As you can see, organic cotton sheets are a beneficial choice for your sleep and your bedroom. Thanks to safe manufacturing processes, these sheets will keep you comfortable for a long time to come. 

Whether it's new sheets or a new mattress, be sure to take our quiz today to help you find the best options for you and your sleeping needs.