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Sleep and Rest Over the Festive Season: The Important Things to Know

Sleep and Rest Over the Festive Season: The Important Things to Know

Did you know that 11 percent of Americans are sleep-deprived every night?

If that's not staggering news to you, you may be one of the 70 percent of Americans who lose at least one night of sleep per month.

During the holiday season, however, the tendency for losing sleep inevitably increases. Between hosting guests and maintaining your excitement for the holidays, you may become more sleep-deprived than you realize.

Read on to learn how to get enough sleep and rest during the festive season.

Slow Down During the Holidays

Everyone knows that the holidays are the most hectic time of the year. With the fun of parties, trips, gift-giving, and meetups with family come stress and unintended chaos. Your schedule is bound to overflow, but be careful not to run yourself ragged.

The key to slowing down during the holidays is being aware of your limitations. How much busier a schedule can you handle? Do you really want to host both Christmas and Thanksgiving at your house? Are you really ready to cook and bake for multiple dinner parties in December?

Make a list of all the things you really want to do this holiday season, and stick to it. If you're able to, take some time off of work and enjoy not having to juggle both home and workplace responsibilities. Remember, there's no such thing as a perfect holiday if you spend it tired and stressed.

Prep Little By Little

Prepping for the holidays can result in sleepless nights and zero relaxation. In order not to feel like a zombie on Christmas morning, try to do your cooking, shopping, and cleaning little by little. Find time in your daily routine to do one holiday-related chore each day, well in advance.

Also, try to limit your prepping to the daytime. Staying up late at night to shop for gifts or deep-cleaning your home at night will only throw off your sleep schedule, making you even more tired.

Stick to Your Regular Bedtime

Speaking of sleep schedules, try to stick to your normal bedtime routine every night during the festive season. Though it may seem counterintuitive to keep your sleep routine in check during a special time of the year, it's the only way you can get the seven to nine hours of sleep that every adult should have each night.

It might be tempting to stay up and chat with guests or attend a late-night holiday party. However, the farther you veer from your nightly routine, the more your sleep cycle will fall apart. If your sleep cycle is disrupted, you'll remain tired throughout the day even if you do manage to get some shut-eye.

Avoid Binging on Food and TV

Are you excited about Christmas movies? Can't wait to scarf down all your favorite holiday treats?

If you want to ensure a good night's rest, make a conscious effort not to binge during the holidays. Binging is unhealthy in any case, but during the holidays, it can leave you more unbalanced than during any other time of the year.

Leave the Christmas cookies in an out-of-reach tin, and only snack on them during the day. Limit yourself to just a couple treats a day.

Also, Christmas movies are a must-see but watch them during the day. Keep your electronics away from your bedside at night. This way you're not tempted to binge on your holiday favorites when you're supposed to be sleeping.

Exercise and Stay Outdoors

What tires you out the most in a healthy way?

The universal answer to this question is exercise. When you stay active, you increase your level of endorphins (feel-good hormones), and you release energy. This results in you becoming pleasantly tired and ready to get your snooze on.

If you want to make sure you fall asleep quickly, spend some time outside each day. There is scientific evidence that staying activity outdoors can increase your quality of sleep.

Wind Down Before Bed

What do you do to wind down before bed?

We already know that binging on TV and snacks is a no-no, so what's a healthier way to end the day?

Establish a peaceful, calming routine about an hour or so before your bedtime. Wind down with a good book or some quiet music, but make sure not to stimulate your brain too much with either one.

Also, keep the blue light out of your bedroom. This includes TV's and other electronics. Blue light from screens is very stimulating and disruptive to your sleep cycle.

Sleep And Rest in Comfort

Lastly, is your bedroom conducive to a good night's sleep?

If your bedroom isn't comfortable, it's not going to be easy for you to sleep and rest well during the holidays or any other time of the year.

Make sure that your bedroom is cool and comfortable. Research shows that the right temperature for sleep is about 68 degrees F. Keep your room dim to complement the cool temperature as well.

Make sure that your mattress is as firm or as soft as you find comfortable. Outfit your comfy mattress with luxurious bedding that is soft yet keeps you cool at night. A premium choice is organic cotton bedding, for instance.

Ready to Rest?

Getting enough rest and sleep during the holidays is a challenge. However, with the right amount of planning, it can be accomplished.

Let us help you get the best night's sleep during the festive season and beyond. Contact us for the bedding that best fits your needs. We specialize in providing you with the most comfortable mattress options as well as luxury bedding that is meant to keep you cool and comfortable for many nights to come.