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Sleep Cool: The Ultimate Guide for Those Hot, Restless Nights

Sleep Cool: The Ultimate Guide for Those Hot, Restless Nights

According to the CDC, roughly one out of every three American adults don't get enough sleep. While there can be many causes of sleep deprivation, a sleeping environment that isn't conducive to quality sleep can be a major factor.

An ideal sleeping environment is a quiet place that is a comfortable temperature. However, on hot, humid summer nights, it isn't always possible to keep your room at 65 degrees if you don't have air conditioning.

Are you wondering how to sleep cool on nights when it's hot enough to cook an egg on the sidewalk?

Let's take a look at some sleep hacks for hot sleepers or those summer nights when the heat's on.

Draw the Curtains During the Day

When you let the sunlight come into your bedroom during the day, it's heating up your sleep area. On exceptionally hot days, it's a good idea to draw your curtains and keep the sunlight out.

Blackout curtains can be particularly good at keeping your room cool during the summer. After the sun goes down, you can open the curtains again if you'd like to.

Don't Exercise Right Before Bed

Your sleep can benefit from moderate exercise during the day. However, if you do so too close to the time you go to bed it can make your internal temperature rise.

Take a Hot Bath

Believe it or not, taking a hot bath can actually help your body cool down before you go to sleep. If you try this method, take a bath before bed but not right before bed.

After you leave the bath, your body temperature will decrease as it gets used to being in a cooler environment. Another great thing about baths before bed is that they can help you feel more relaxed and you can therefore fall asleep easier.

Invest in the Right Pillow and Mattress

How comfortable you are at night can have a lot to do with your bed and mattress.

Some mattresses sleep cooler than others, so it's a good idea to consider this when purchasing one. You can even find some that are marketed as cooling mattresses.

You can also buy cooling pillows and a cool mattress topper that helps to control your temperature at night.

Use Natural Bedding

Pillowcases and sheets that are made out of natural fibers like linen or cotton can breathe much easier than synthetic fabrics. This cooling bedding is essential for hot sleepers.

Use a Fan at Your Bedside

Circulating air through your room with a window fan or a reliable box fan can be a big help on hot summer nights. Even if you use an air conditioner in your room, the added airflow can make all the difference.

It's worth it to be strategic in your placement of the fan. Box fans can be placed out windows to help push the hot air out of your room. Do you have a ceiling fan? If so, make sure it's running counterclockwise so that a cool breeze is created from it's movement.

Freeze Your Pillowcase

Another one of the best sleep hacks is to put your pillowcase in the freezer a little bit before you go to bed. Then you can grab it before you go to sleep for the night to experience extra cooling bedding.

You can also freeze a washcloth before bed. This way you can use it as a compress while you're trying to sleep.

Keep Ice Water Within Reach

It's also a good idea to keep ice water near your bed at night. This can be a huge relief when you wake up in the night overheating. You can also grab an ice pack in the middle of the night if you are having a hard time sleeping due to the heat.

Set Your Thermostat to 65

Many experts state that the best temperature for sleep is 65 degrees. Even though this might sound like a cooler temperature than you might expect, it helps your body maintain the natural core temperature that is ideal for sleeping.

It's important to know, though, that everyone has different preferences. One person might prefer it a bit cooler than that, while someone else might prefer it a bit warmer. In general, between 60 and 67 degrees is a good range to keep it in for most people.

Limit Alcohol Consumption Before You Go to Sleep

It might help you fall asleep faster to drink before bed, but it won't do you any favors when it comes to sleep quality or waking up in the middle of the night. It can also encourage night sweats and hot flashes, which won't help on those muggy summer nights.

Sleep Alone

While it can seem kind of sad to sleep alone, it can help a ton on the hottest nights. Whether you share a bed with your partner or with a pet, the excess body heat can make it more uncomfortable to sleep when the temperature outside won't relent.

Play Around With the Right Clothing Level

Some people might find sleeping nude or partially nude most comfortable, while others might prefer to wear sweats or pajamas to bed. When it's hot out, stay away from thick, insulated clothing as it can cause you to overheat while you sleep. If you'd prefer to wear clothes rather than being nude, consider wearing pajamas made out of breathable fabric.

These Tips Can Help You Sleep Cool and Comfortable

There's nothing worse than waking up in the morning feeling like you hardly slept. When it's hot out, sometimes it can feel like there's no relief. Luckily, though, with some combination of these sleep hacks, you should find that you can finally sleep cool even when the temperature's rising.

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