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Sustainable Kitchen Brands We Love For Holiday Gatherings

Sustainable Kitchen Brands We Love For Holiday Gatherings

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home. With the holiday season approaching, it is yet another time to make new, lasting memories with family and good food. However, we must also admit that we tend to be wasteful in the kitchen. From throwing produce because it went bad to using dangerous plastic wraps, sustainability is a route most of us should seek to pursue. With these factors in mind, we have created a roundup of sustainable kitchen brands everyone should add to their list.

1. Material

Ever thought about letting go of your plastic cutting boards and bowls? Then, Material's reBoard and reBowl could be the perfect addition to your kitchen. The upcycled boards and bowls are made from leftover kitchenware scraps, plastic plastics, and renewable sugarcane. The result is beautiful clean lines off BPA-free items safe for the environment and the dishwasher.

2. Our Place

From cookware to bakeware to tableware, you will love Shiza Shahid's creations. The founder of Our Place went to lengths to work with women-owned manufacturers to create eco-friendly cookware made from recycled materials and toxic-free chemical coating. In addition, the company is keen on minimizing the need for excess tools and running the course of sustainability to the last detail- including using plastic-free and recyclable product packaging.

3. Marley's Monsters

Paper towels are a staple in every kitchen and certainly one of those things we can't do away with. However, paper towels make up a huge chunk of kitchen waste, thus Marley's Monsters' brilliant concept of reusable cotton cloths- alias Unpaper Towels. You will delight in each sheet as the paper towels are aesthetically pleasing and made from unique absorbent cotton flannel. In addition, the perfect finish of trimmed edges prevents fraying even after several washes.

4. Branch Basics

We are constantly exposed to toxins just by existing. Cleaning formulas should be the last thing you have to worry about. Fortunately, Branch Basics already thought of that. The Branch Basics multipurpose cleaning formula is made to limit exposure to toxins thanks to its exceptional mixture of plant and mineral-based ingredients. Additionally, the product significantly reduces plastic soap and detergent bottles as you only need to top up your bottle with concentrate and water whenever it runs low. At the same time, you get to fight the toughest stains and deodorize surfaces around the kitchen.

5. W & P

Design and sustainability are inseparable. W&P kitchen essential seamlessly combines these features. To promote eco-friendly habits, Josh Williams and Eric Prum launched their collection of kitchen essentials with sleek mason jars and cocktail shakers. Next followed functional and chic everyday kitchen necessities, including insulated tumblers and lunch boxes. These items are made from BPA-free plastic and certified LFGB-certified silicone in classic neutral colors.

6. Stasher

Stasher presents lasting solutions to ease the plastic burden from landfills. As getting rid of plastic bags may be challenging, colorful silicone replacements could help. The eco-friendly bags blend into the holiday spirit and save you the trouble of stocking up on storage containers. The wide bottom bowl options can hold your liquids. In addition, Stasher products are microwave-friendly, dishwasher-safe, and freezer friendly.

7. Splat

If you value style in every detail, Splat carriers will make you happy. The totes are made from biodegradable materials strong enough to hold your casseroles, wine bottles, and other culinary creations. The intricate designs, including zippers, buttons, staples, or glues, avoid excess material.

8. Kana Goods

Did you know there is eco-friendly parchment paper? Well, now you do. Thanks to Kana Goods, there are bio gradable and compostable baking sheets for eco-conscious bakers. The sheets are pre-cut to standard sizes and offer a reasonable alternative to one-time paper towels.

9. Bee's Wrap

Reusable containers are a fantastic concept but not always practical if you are looking for space-efficient solutions. Since the ultimate goal is to go green, Bee's wraps are a better replacement for plastic wraps. The organic cotton cloths are washable, multipurpose, and, if cared for correctly, could last up to a year. In addition, Bee's Wrap will get you sorted if you need to cover your dough or save a piece of cake for later.

10. AquaTru

Water is life, but clean water is even more crucial. AquaTru's water purification technology utilizes a four-stage system to eliminate harmful minerals and contaminants from your drinking water. The best part is that you do not need to install complicated systems; you can choose between the countertop filter models or an under-the-sink option connecting directly to tap water.