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The new Leesa Sapira vs. The Alexander Hybrid Mattress

Leesa just released their attempt to compete with other luxury hybrid mattresses on the ecommerce market. According to customers and reviewers, the Alexander Hybrid is one of the most comfortable luxury mattresses on the market, so it was interesting to compare the new Leesa Sapira mattress head to head with the Alexander Hybrid.

Our friend Derek at Sleepopolis is always very thorough in his reviews and did a nice job of testing both beds. You can read the review here of the Sapira and the review of the Alexander Hybrid here.

Leesa claims to be a brand new hybrid mattress designed to be the ultimate in luxury for the true connoisseurs of sleep. While it is priced hundreds more than the Alexander Hybrid, we believe there is little more to offer to make it better than the Alexander Hybrid, or even comparative.

The Core: The Leesa Sapira appears to have the latest zoned edge support coil unit on the market. The Alexander Hybrid employs the Quantum Edge Support Coil unit from Leggett and Platt. This coil unit is their most expensive and highest quality, so much so that it can be compress-packed with no issues. 

Next, the Sapira has two 1 1/2" layers of foam, one 3.75lb foam, one at 4 lbs. The Alexander Hybrid uses the 3.5 lb copper infused foam. Above the foam is a quilted top with an additional 1 1/2" of foam, while the Sapira has a fabric cover only. Both mattresses use a 1" foam layer between the memory foam and the coil unit.

Despite the obvious similarities in the construction, the Sapira is hundreds of dollars more than the Alexander Hybrid. $475 more in the queen, in fact. The Alexander Hybrid, at $999 in a queen, has many positive reviews and a very high customer satisfaction rating on the unbiased review site, which you can see here. In fact, it is one of the highest rated beds out of all brands.

The Alexander Hybrid has a few features you will not find in the more expensive Sapira mattress: The Alexander Hybrid uses a phase change fabric treatment called Adaptive, found in higher end sports clothing, to help regulate body temperature. Also, you will find a luxurious quilted top, handmade, which gives the bed a very plush feel. Lastly, the Alexander Hybrid carries a superior 20 year warranty, yet the "luxury" Sapira is only 10 year. You decide what is the better value. You will find that the Alexander Hybrid weighs in a just $999 with free shipping as opposed to the Sapira, which goes for $1475 and offers no discounts. 

Compared side by side, the Alexander Hybrid is the clear value.