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The Sparrow: Best Mattress for Hip and Back Support

The Sparrow: Best Mattress for Hip and Back Support

Incorrect posture is a leading cause of hip and back pain as well as shoulder discomfort. This is common with worn-out, old mattresses that can no longer provide adequate support and firmness for the spine. The incorrect posture creates pressure points on the back, hips, and shoulders, leading to pain and restless sleep.

Sleepers of all types can alleviate the risk of back pain by investing in Nest Bedding's Signature Sparrow Hybrid mattress. The Sparrow, formerly sold as the Alexander Signature Hybrid, is a 12-inch, five-layer mattress that combines pocketed coils with proprietary Energex™ responsive foam to provide a supportive and comfy surface.

Read on to learn details on the Signature Sparrow's construction, firmness, feel, and other features that make it the best Mattress for Hip and Back Support.

Nest Bedding Signature Sparrow Hybrid Mattress Construction

The Sparrow features a combination of proprietary foams and individually wrapped pocketed coils designed to enhance airflow and relieve pressure between the bed and the body. Here's a detailed breakdown of the mattress's construction:

  1. Quilted Cover: The Sparrow has a top layer of one-inch, quilted and gel-infused memory foam cover that has a silky, smooth feel. The pillow-soft Thermic Phase cover dissipates the body's heat as you sleep.

  2. Energex™ Temperature Responsive Foam: Below the quilted top is a highly adaptive, breathable foam layer that provides immediate responsiveness as you move on the bed. The proprietary foam provides excellent pressure relief.

  3. SmartFlow Support Foam: The Sparrow features a minimal amount of high-density airflow foam that provides a transition to the pocketed coils.

  4. 6-Inch Reinforced Edge Support Pocketed Coils: The individually-wrapped coils provide deep compression support across the entire bed.

  5. Base Support Foam: This final layer is a buffer between your bed's foundation and the innerspring.

The construction may differ slightly depending on the firmness profile that you select.

Firmness and Feel

The Nest Bedding Signature Sparrow has a slight memory feel on the surface, which combines with the pocketed coils below to provide enhanced pressure relief. The mattress is highly responsive, snapping back into position immediately after you release the pressure.

The Sparrow comes in three firmness levels, providing varying options for a combination of sleepers. You can choose from the following:

  • Plush feel

  • Medium feel

  • Lux firm

A plush feel is an excellent option for lighter sleepers under 140 lbs or individuals seeking pressure point relief and gentle support. The medium feel would be an ideal fit for the back, side, and combination sleepers, especially those of average weight or lighter.

The firmness options of the Sparrow make it a perfect choice for hip and back support, as sleepers can choose their desired feel of the bed. Couples can opt for a "dual split" option for the Cal King and King mattresses, allowing you to choose a different firmness for each side that feels right for both of you.

Pressure Relief

A mattress that doesn't relieve pressure will leave you with uncomfortable hip, spine, and shoulder aches. This is especially true for side sleepers. The Sparrow's 4 inches of proprietary comfort foam provide a deep cuddle that softens the pressure points. The gel-infused memory foam cover, alongside the Energex responsive foam, provides a healthy amount of contouring, preventing you from sinking too deeply.

The motion transfer on the Sparrow is above average, with the mattress doing a decent job of absorbing the movements and vibrations across the surface. Motion transfer can minimize misalignment as your partner or pet moves on the bed.

Spinal Alignment

The construction of the Sparrow Signature Hybrid provides good support, which promotes proper spine alignment. The Reinforced Edge pocketed coils are extra durable and can withstand up to 600 lbs, 300 lbs on each side.

The pocketed coils have reinforced edge support, which should help keep your spine straight even when pushed to the edges by your bed partner. The wrapped coil system can resist sagging, and a lux firm mattress is ideal for heavier sleepers.

Wrapping Up

The Sparrow is a premium hybrid mattress that combines support and comfort to fit most sleeper types. Its unique design features proprietary foams and reinforced coils, providing just the right amount of firmness and bounce to keep your hip and back supported. Regardless of weight, the Nest Bedding Signature Sparrow can accommodate all sleeping positions.