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The Ultimate Guide to Bed Cooling Accessories for Your Hot Bed

The Ultimate Guide to Bed Cooling Accessories for Your Hot Bed

Death Valley might be the hottest place on earth, but approximately 300 residents still live there year-round. How do you sleep when summer temperatures get as high as 116° Fahrenheit? We can look to those brave Californians' to learn how to get some rest when the weather has other plans! 

You don't need to live near the equator to struggle with a hot bed during the oppressive summer months. Your body temperature needs to drop for you to enter the deeper stages of sleep. A series of warm nights can prevent that from happening, leaving you tossing and turning in your sheets. 

At Nest Bedding, we know a thing or two about getting a good night's sleep. Our range of summer sheets and cooling mattress protectors might be just what you need to sleep soundly in the summertime. 

Ready to snore your way through the hottest season? Read on to learn about the ideal sleep temperature and the products that can ensure you won't boil in your bed! 

What's the Best Temperature for Sleep?

Humans are like hibernating bears. They get their best sleep when their room is cool, dark, and quiet. When your bed temperature is too high, you might toss and turn, preventing you from achieving a restful night of sleep.

Even your body knows this. At bedtime, your body naturally produces a hormone called Melatonin. It's the same chemical found in turkey, which is the catalyst for many post-feast naps on Thanksgiving day. 

Melatonin causes a drop in your core body temperature, which is essential for sound sleep. If your room is hot, your body may not be able to reach that ideal temperature. Even if you're exhausted, you won't be able to settle into a restful sleep phase. 

Sleep psychologists tell us that the ideal bedroom temperature is between 60° and 67° Fahrenheit. Any temperature above 70° Fahrenheit will disrupt the sleep initiation process. That can lead to increased wakefulness and uncomfortable tossing and turning. 

If you don't have access to a fan or AC unit, you can try cooling down your bed. Equip your mattress with cooling protectors and lighter-weight sheets. These accessories can keep your body cool enough to enter the REM phase and wake up rested. 

The Scoop on Summer Sheets

In the winter months, it's intuitive to pull the flannel sheets out of storage and create a cozy bed for frosty nights. In the summer, choosing sheets is more challenging. How do you balance quality and comfort when seeking the most breathable sheets available? 

Luxury, award-winning bedding from Nest uses the highest-quality all-natural materials to ensure a cool and comfortable night. Our biggest concern is breathability.

Though they are light, Nest sheets are exceptionally durable. You can use them summer after summer, and they will still look and feel like new. 

Here are a few of our most popular bedding options for warm weather. 

100% Bamboo Luxury Sheet Sets

You will sleep like a baby with all-natural bamboo sheets from Nest. These sheets are antimicrobial, with a natural cooling quality that will offset the outdoor temperature. This lightweight rayon fabric is lighter, softer, and more cooling than traditional cotton bedsheets. 

Organic Cotton Luxury Sheet Sets

You won't toss and turn when you sleep on Organic Cotton Luxury sheets, but you might want to stay up and bask in comfort! These sheets are light, eco-friendly, and perfect for summer nights. Choose luxury sheets in white for the most chill way to sleep the summer away. 

The Best Accessories for a Hot Bed

The perfect summer sleep environment is about more than silky sheets! While lightweight summer sheets keep you from overheating, you'll need a few accessories to keep things nice and chilly. Your choice of pillow and mattress protector can help you regulate your body temperature on hot nights so that melatonin can do its job. 

Easy Breather Pillows

A pillow with excellent breathability leads to a solid night of sleep. With Easy Breather Pillows from Nest Bedding, sleepers can customize their stuffing level without compromising temperature regulation.

The unique shredded memory foam filling keeps body temperatures low. It helps you fall and stay asleep so you can focus on those dreams about the beach.

Cooling Cotton Mattress Protector 

We designed our Cooling Cotton Mattress Protectors with hot sleepers in mind. The latest fabric technologies bring you a cooling sensation during sleep. It will help you sleep all summer while keeping your mattress safe from spills, sweat, allergens, and more. 

Washable Wool Comforter

When you think "wool," you probably don't think about summertime! Wool isn't just for keeping warm in the winter, however. It's ideal for regulating all body temperature, including heat. 

Nest's Washable Wool Comforter is the perfect solution for warm sleepers. If you need a blanket to fall asleep, even in hot weather, this one's for you.

Best of all, you don't have to put this one away on the first chilly day. It's the perfect comforter for all temperature options. 

Say "So Long!" to Sweaty Sheets With Nest

You can't sleep in a sauna! If your hot bed keeps you from achieving a restful night of shut-eye, the right summer sleep accessories can help. A cool bed is a comfortable bed, and a comfortable bed is the best place to recharge for a summer of fun! 

You'll start your summer off with soothing slumber when you purchase a cooling cotton waterproof mattress protector from Nest. Its liquid-proof and breathable coverage will ensure that even the warmest nights are restful, comfortable, and refreshing. Visit our online store to shop our range of mattress protectors today.