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Too Hot to Sleep? Check out our Cooling Mattress Topper

Too Hot to Sleep? Check out our Cooling Mattress Topper

If you're a hot sleeper, you may struggle to cool down during the night. Constantly feeling hot can make sleep uncomfortable and disruptive, leading to various issues. Fortunately, you can use Nest Bedding's cooling mattress topper for an instant solution to this problem.

The mattress topper sits perfectly on your mattress and is designed to help you cool off. Here's an overview of the Nest cooling mattress topper and how it can help you achieve restful nights.

What Is Nest Building's Cooling Mattress Topper?

Nest Building is one of the leading brands for quality organic and natural foam mattresses and bedding. Some of their top products include the Nest Sparrow mattress and Easy Breather pillows designed for side sleepers. Nest Building's cooling mattress topper is another quality addition to your bedroom. The mattress topper is designed specifically for hot sleepers and has advanced cooling properties to help you remain cool at night.

You can find different dimensions, including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. The protector uses 100% cotton, and the skirt features 92% polyester and 8% spandex. A thermoplastic polyurethane lamination rounds up the materials used in this cooling mattress topper. Nest's mattress topper features an 18-inch pocket depth with a five-sided style to protect the top and sides of your mattress.

How Does Nest's Cooling Mattress Topper Work?

Nest's cooling mattress topper offers the same characteristics as typical toppers, along with many additional features. The topper comes in standard sizes for kids and adults and covers your mattress on all five exposed surfaces. A slightly thicker top provides comfortable padding lightweight enough that you'll still enjoy your mattress. The skirt is thinner and stretches to cover your entire mattress.

Nest's mattress topper is made using hypoallergenic cotton, which is known to repel dust and allergens. The skirt is also easy to tug under the mattress, protecting it from dust, dirt, spillage,and allergens. You can wash the topper separately in cold water using a delicate cycle. Here are some of the properties that keep Nest Building's mattress topper cool for hot sleepers.

Liquid Protection

All tests on Nest's cooling mattress topper demonstrate its liquid protection and moisture-wicking properties. The mattress topper can hold spillage on the surface for a few seconds, allowing you to immediately wipe off water and other liquids without leaving wet patches. Your mattress will also remain dry underneath the topper.

If you don't remove the water immediately, the topper will absorb and spread it horizontally and then wick it back into the atmosphere. You might notice some water on the topper, but your mattress will remain dry thanks to a waterproof backing infused into the design. Advanced liquid protection helps to keep your mattress and bedding dry.


Nest Building's cooling mattress topper is designed to be breathable and easy to sleep on. The construction is lightweight and has a nice, comfortable feel when you touch it. You can feel the airflow through the skirt when spreading the protector on your mattress. The top of the protector is slightly dense for waterproofing but still lightweight and breathable.

You can sleep for hours without noticing hot spots on the mattress topper. The 100% cotton construction has a thread count of 300, which gives the protector enough breathability for hot sleepers. A thin film-like thermoplastic polyurethane liner keeps liquid spills away, allowing moisture to evaporate into the atmosphere, leaving you with a cool surface.

Final Verdict

Nest Building's cooling mattress topper is an excellent choice for hot sleepers thanks to its cooling properties. The mattress protector is thin, lightweight, flexible, breathable, hypoallergenic and soft to the touch. You'll enjoy cooler nights while protecting your mattress from dust, dirt, bugs, spillage and other elements.