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Top 12 Sleep Gifts to Give Insomniacs during the Holiday Season

Top 12 Sleep Gifts to Give Insomniacs during the Holiday Season

Is your relative, friend, or coworker having a tough time getting some sleep? Or do they have some medical condition causing diagnosed insomnia? If so, they'll need to improve their sleeping environment, bedding, and situation to improve their sleep. Remember, deep and sufficient sleep reduces stress, anxiety, and burnout. Also, it improves cognitive abilities and overall wellness and health.

So, how can you help a coworker, friend, or relative experiencing sleep disorders? Read on to get insights on the kind of gifts to offer to enhance better sleep during this holiday season.

Ideal Sleep Gifts for the Holiday Season

  • Indoor Slippers & Socks

A pair of cozy indoor slippers and socks help in keeping feet warm and toasty. Also, the slippers help users run errands outside their bedroom when the moment of need strikes.

  • Weighted Blankets

Uneven weight distribution and heating are common blanket-related problems that could hinder good sleep. These problems can get solved by weighted blankets whose layered yarns create a weighted effect that prevents clumping or shifting of the blanket during rest. The blanket's open knit also allows unrestricted and consistent airflow. The blanket is a practical gift that's soft for your supple skin.

  • Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Is the strong fragrance from your toilet or bathroom irritating your nasal senses and making it hard for your family or friends to sleep? Well, worry not! The Deep sleep pillow spray can musk the strong fragrances or odors and provide mild perfumes that can calm your senses and help induce better sleep.

The spray is a perfect gift for lovers of aromatherapy. It has a blend of Vetivert, lavender, and chamomile flavors. The spray gift may substitute scented candles and other products used to stimulate nasal senses and soothe the mind.

  • Sleep Earbuds

Does your child or friend share a bed with a snorer or reside in a noisy neighborhood? If so, gift them some sleep earbuds that can help attenuate the noise that makes them unable to get some sleep. The comfortable and sung-fitting buds use noise-canceling tech to minimize noise-related disturbances that cause sleeping problems.

  • Pajamas and Robes

Cozy and warm pajamas that are cool to the touch whenever there is some overheating are a perfect choice for a gift meant for insomniacs. These clothing improve the ambient temperature necessary for sleep and are comfortable and stretchy enough to fit without being too tight or loose.

  • White Noise Sound Machines

The white noise Dohm sound machines from the early 1960s are ideal for people that live and sleep in noisy environments. The device provides pink noise that is less harsh and harmonious, and the white noise may help induce sleep. The gadgets also have other features, including sleep timers and alarm clocks.

  • Flannel Sheets

Soft-brushed flannel sheets provide adequate warmth that doesn't make users hot, sweaty, or too cold. As such, their warming effect creates an ambient temperature ideal for inducing sleep.

  • Dream Powder Drink

Dream powder drinks from companies such as Beam help induce feelings of relaxation that preempt stress and strain while inducing a calming effect and sleep. The drink contains Reishi, L-Theanine, Magnesium, and Melatonin.

  • Slip Sleep Mask

Sleep masks help shut your eyes whenever you're trying to sleep in a brightly lit room. The covers have a smooth, silky feel that's gentle on your facial skin. In addition, they create a dark environment that doesn't activate your visual senses, thus improving sleep.

  • Buffy Blankets

Are you seeking a warm, comfortable, stain-resistant, and allergy-free blanket that's sustainably made? If so, the Buffy brand of blankets made from recycled bottles is your best bet. The warmth, plush feel, and comfort it offers help induce quick sleep.

  • BlissLights Sky Lite

Do your young ones love to gaze at the stars or lights as they fall asleep? Well, there's no need to keep your windows open. Instead, buy and install the BlissLights brand of Sky Lite to give them a magnificent celestial display of lights to gaze at as they fall asleep or meditate before sleeping.

Nectar Premier MattressesThe Nectar brand of premier mattresses helps improve sleep by providing a firm sleeping base that is perfect for people with back and joint pains. In addition, the mattress is made from a cooling material that gives users a cool feel that prevents overheating and sweating.

Other Sleep Gifts from Nest Bedding

Apart from the highlighted twelve sleep gift offers, Nest Bedding also provides the following gift offers;

  1. Duvets
  2. Toppers
  3. Protectors
  4. Pillows
  5. Comforters


Sleep is essential for healthy living. A good night's sleep helps you wake up invigorated, less stressed, and less anxious. With enough rest, you also improve your cognitive abilities and mental acuity in running your daily affairs. As such, you should buy and gift some top sleep-enhancing accessories to enhance your sleep time and quality.