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Top 7 Benefits of Sleeping With a Weighted Blanket

Top 7 Benefits of Sleeping With a Weighted Blanket

Looking for ways to improve sleep and relaxation?

Wondering if you should start using a weighted blanket?

If you're a person who suffers from sleep-related issues, have trouble relaxing, or experience negative moods often, you may be looking for ways to improve your well-being. A high-quality weighted blanket can be a great solution for a variety of illnesses and conditioning, so it can be well worth making a purchase.

Below we'll tell you why you should consider sleeping with a weighted blanket.

What is a Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is a type of blanket that has been crafted to have a significant amount of extra weight. These blankets feature several types of extra filling to increase their weight, and as a result, offer a lot of therapeutic benefits to those who use them.

Inside of a weighted blanket, you may find plastic poly pellets or lead-free glass beads. They often feature grains, dried beans, aquarium stone filling, or other materials as well.

Weighted blankets are growing in popularity as many more people are realizing the benefits that they offer. Weighted blankets can help significantly with a variety of conditions, particularly those related to sleep quality, relaxation, and mood.

So what exactly are the benefits of weighted blankets? Here are just a few of the main purposes weighted blankets can be used for.

1. Reduced Anxiety and Stress

One of the best things about weighted blankets is that they can help to relieve stress and anxiety. The use of weighted blankets is a type of deep pressure stimulation (DPS) therapy.

The weight of the blanket allows for increased comfort, and as a result, it can help improve the mood of users considerably. It can help reduce stress and anxiety and using a weighted blanket is almost like hugging a friend or family member.

2. Prevents Insomnia

Another big reason that people are turning to weighted blankets these days is that they can help to improve sleep quality and prevent insomnia. Because of the touch pressure stimulation that weighted blankets provide, a weighted blanket can help to release serotonin, and this can help to promote healthy sleep and insomnia relief.

For the many sufferers of insomnia out there, a weighted blanket can serve as a great solution that can help to regulate sleep patterns and make it much easier to get to sleep each night.

3. Helps With Restless Leg Syndrome

Another benefit of weighted blankets is that they can help to ease restless leg syndrome (RLS). People with restless leg syndrome have constantly moving feet as they try to get to sleep and this can lead to insomnia as a result.

Using a weighted blanket is a great solution for weighing down the legs and making sleep come more easily. It can also prevent the legs from waking someone up after they fall asleep.

This usage of weighted blankets can very beneficial and anyone who suffers from RLS will want to consider getting a weighted blanket for their bedroom.

4. Reduces Fibromyalgia Pain

For sufferers of fibromyalgia, weighted blankets can also provide a lot of relief.

With fibromyalgia, patients experience pain in several pain points and it can be a debilitating condition that makes it difficult to function normally. Using a weighted blanket can help to significantly reduce this pain by weighing down on these pain points.

As a result of using weighted blankets, patients can prevent flareups of fibromyalgia and can get a gentle night's rest in spite of the condition.

5. Improves Quality of Life For Alzheimer's Patients

Elderly people who suffer from Alzheimer's will also find a lot to love in weighted blankets.

While there is not a cure for Alzheimer's, using a weighted blanket can help a patient manage many of the symptoms they experience. It can help alleviate depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Weighted blankets have a great calming effect and do a great job of promoting relaxation. 

All of these symptoms together can make life more difficult for Alzheimer's patients. Luckily, the use of weighted blankets can do a lot to help.

6. Helps With Management of Autism and ADHD

For people who have autism or other sensory processing disorders, a weighted blanket can also be a wise purchase. A weighted blanket will provide touch therapy and stimulation which can do a lot to help those with autism, ADHD, and similar conditions.

Massage and touch therapy techniques have been shown to provide relief to autism patients and weighted blankets can help to serve as a form of this kind of relief. A weighted blanket can also help autistic patients and those with ADHD both in and out of the classroom to improve focus and increase relaxation. 

7. Provides Relief to Sufferers of PTSD

One more beneficial thing that can be expected from weighted blankets is that they can help to relieve PTSD symptoms. For both civilians and veterans who suffer from the condition, a weighted blanket can provide relief to the many symptoms that come along with it.

Using weighted blankets can help prevent stress and anxiety and it can also prevent insomnia. Weighted blankets can also help to lower blood pressure and reduce pulse rates among those who have PTSD as well.

Making the Decision to Sleep With a Weighted Blanket

If you've been wondering if you should sleep with a weighted blanket, you may want to look closely at the list above. If you experience any of the conditions above or if you have trouble sleeping at night, a weighted blanket may be well worth the purchase.

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