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Weighted Blanket Benefits: The Science Behind the Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blanket Benefits: The Science Behind the Weighted Blanket

Did you know that 10-30% of adults live with chronic insomnia?

If you have issues falling asleep, using a weighted blanket can help. It has many therapeutic benefits that can help make your sleeping experience better. As a skeptic, you might find this too good to be true.

So, what is the science of weighted blankets?

In this guide, you’ll learn that and more. Read on and find out some weighted blanket benefits.

Enhances Oxytocin Levels

The pressure you get from weighted blankets mimics a hug. It gives you warmth and makes you feel secure. At the same time, this sensation releases more oxytocin in the body.

Oxytocin is a hormone that makes you feel relaxed and at ease. It slows your heart rate while reducing blood pressure. It makes your body free from tension, helping you sleep better.

Releases Dopamine and Serotonin

The deep but gentle pressure given by weighted blankets goes deep within your body. Most experts call this “proprioceptive pressure.” It helps release two types of helpful brain hormones: dopamine and serotonin.

These chemicals calm feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety. Combine weighted blankets with our tips to sleep better in winter to make the most out of your rest.

Reduces Cortisol and Boosts Melatonin

Therapeutic weighted blankets can ground your body further while sleeping. It enhances the calmness you feel while you rest. It’s because the grounding will help reduce your levels of cortisol during nighttime.

Cortisol is the hormone related to stress. It affects your body, especially your immunity, digestion, and blood sugar.

Weighted blankets also promote melatonin production because of the serotonin stimulating effect. It helps sleep while regulating your sleep cycle. It gives the perfect environment for sleep, dissipating tension and restlessness.

Reduces Anxiety and Relieve ADHD Symptoms

Are you aware that 40 million adults in the United States suffer from anxiety? If you feel anxious before sleeping, weighted blankets can give the sense of calm you need. The deep touch pressure stimulation effect helps soothe you to sleep.

The deep pressure from weighted blankets helps relieve restlessness. It’s a common ADHD symptom for both children and adults. It’s especially when they feel it during the night, helping them sleep faster.

Studies show that children with ADHD slept faster when using a weighted blanket. It also decreased their chances of waking up during the night. It makes them sleep like children without this condition.

Helps Students Focus Better

Studying can be difficult for children with sensory processing conditions. The noise and intense colors in the hallways and classrooms can overwhelm them. It causes them to feel frustrated and upset when getting sensory overload.

Educators and therapists began encouraging the use of weighted lap pads and vests. The firm and gentle pressure will keep children focused because they don’t feel anxious. Complement it by getting weighted blankets to help them sleep faster.

With a restful night’s sleep, they’re more focused on their studies.

Eases Pain and Fibromyalgia

Women often experience fibromyalgia, and it can get debilitating and painful. It’s a complex illness that causes chronic pain in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It also makes you fatigued and tender in multiple spots on the body.

The pain and fatigue caused by fibromyalgia can interfere with your daily life. It makes normal activities painful and hard. In some cases, you can only function after taking a painkiller.

If you don’t want your symptoms to flare, use weighted blankets. The gentle but firm pressure prevents its rise while improving your nightly rest. Before long, you’ll see lots of improvements in your quality of life.

Even without fibromyalgia, weighted blankets help relieve normal pain. It makes you less dependent on painkillers as a result. Some studies claim that it also helps stop dental pains.

Relieves Travel Anxiety and PTSD Symptoms

Confined spaces like cars or airplanes can make you feel anxious. You might find it difficult to stay in an environment far from home, like hotel rooms. If you’re traveling and feeling anxious, bring a weighted blanket with you.

It’s because of increased serotonin production that you’ll feel calmer. A study showed that 78% of people using weighted blankets had calming rests.

People with PTSD can have a night of more restful sleep with weighted blankets. It relieves the primary symptoms of this mental illness. It improves both blood pressure and pulse rate.

Controls Panic and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

Panic attacks can become a disturbing experience. To make you feel more secure, use a weighted blanket. It gives you substantial protection from situations that make you vulnerable to panic.

Again, weighted blankets do this by promoting the hormones that calm your neurotransmitters. It will calm both your body and mind before long.

Each person has unique traits for their OCD. Some follow strict habits while others develop an extreme fear of germs. Regardless, OCD’s characteristics involve persistent and obsessive thoughts and behaviors.

Some studies show that low serotonin levels can cause OCD. Most experts believe that OCD symptoms can dissipate using a weighted blanket. It’s because the deep touch pressure can stimulate your serotonin levels.

Help Elderly People

As people age, their sleep patterns become more unconventional. They stay up later at night while taking more naps during the day. It’s where weighted blankets shine.

Most older adults found that they liked sleeping with the blanket more. It’s because it’s easier for them to settle down and sleep. It improved the quality of their rest, making them feel more refreshed in the morning.

Get the correct size and weight for the elderly person. It ensures their sleep is soothing despite having frail bodies.

Learn More Weighted Blanket Benefits Today!

These are some of the greatest weighted blanket benefits around. Not only are they good for the elderly and those with PTSD but they also guarantee better sleep and focus. If you want your sleep quality to improve, don’t hesitate and invest in these.

Of course, the next step is to complete your set. Are you looking for beddings? If so, contact us today, and let’s help you get a night of restful sleep.