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What Are the Main Types of Furniture for Your Bedroom?

What Are the Main Types of Furniture for Your Bedroom?

Congratulations! You've closed on your dream house. Or perhaps you're moving into your own place for the first time. Maybe you've decided to redesign an already-familiar space.

No matter your housing situation, there's one thing that's an absolute must - furniture.

Buying furniture for your bedroom can be a daunting task if you've never done it before, as there are so many types of furniture to consider. However, there are a few main pieces you can count on putting in your bedroom. In this article, we answer the question: what are the main types of furniture for your bedroom?

The Evolution of the Bedroom

Believe it or not, humans didn't always have a dedicated room in their house for a bed. The world's oldest known bed was found in South Africa and is about 77,000 years old. It was big enough to fit an entire family snugly underneath the covers.

Until the 19th century, family members, friends, and even traveling strangers shared beds. A famous example of the shared nature of beds is the Great Bed of Ware, which was the size of two contemporary double beds. It was said that 52 people shared the bed one night in 1689.

Even royals did not have privacy in their own room. Louis XIV was said to hold court in his own room, decreeing laws in front of his courtiers from the comfort of his bed.

The combination of the Industrial Revolution and Christian Evangelism in the United States turned the bedroom into a private sphere. Row homes in cities began to have small private rooms for beds while Christians preached the sanctity of the family, meaning strangers sharing beds became taboo in popular culture.

Today, the bedroom is a space where most people go to relax privately in their own homes. Its decoration is an expression of the individuality of its owner.

So what should you consider when furnishing a bedroom in the modern age?


First up is the most crucial piece of furniture in your bedroom: your bed. Though this may seem obvious, it's essential to choose the right size and type of bed for your needs. This includes not only your mattress but also your bed frame, headboard, sheets, and covers.

The size of your bed will affect the amount of space you have in your room, as well as its feel. While a twin-size bed will give you room for more furniture, that size is best suited for children; a California King, while spacious, is often too big for the average room. Most adults opt for double or Queen-sized beds.

Don't underestimate the power of a bed frame, either. You can opt for a bed frame with or without a headboard. A headboard-less bed frame is more minimalistic, while a headboard can convey a sense of luxury.


You will often see a nightstand accompanying a bed. These are small, bed-height tables meant to hold lamps, glasses of water, or phones and other electronics. Many have small drawers with which to store books and other necessities you would like to access from your bed.

If you choose to put one side of your bed against a wall, you will only need one nightstand. If your bed sits in the middle of the room, opt for two nightstands to keep the room symmetrical. This is the best option for couples who share a bedroom.


You'll need a place to keep your clothes. Many people opt for a dresser, especially if they do not have closet space in their bedroom. Even if you do have closets, a dresser is perfect for clothes you don't want to hang up, like socks or underwear.

You can find dressers in a plethora of different shapes and sizes. People with many different clothes or couples can opt for taller, wider dressers with more drawers. 

Most dressers are made from wood. However, those with tighter budgets can consider a laminate dresser, which gives the same effect as wood but is made from cheaper materials. Wicker, rattan, or metal dressers are also popular options.


A vanity is similar to a dresser, but usually has an attached mirror with a place to sit in front of it. Most people use it to apply makeup and other cosmetics. 

Vanities often have many drawers to store makeup, clothes, or other items.

They come in small or large sizes. If you need something to put in the corner of a bedroom, opting for a small size works. A larger vanity can serve as a centerpiece of a room and is ideal for those with large makeup collections.


A chair is essential for any room in the house. In the bedroom, it serves as another place to rest if you don't wish to relax in your bed yet. 

There are many styles of chairs, but the bedroom usually has a more comfortable or unique style. A plush chair works great to relax in and goes well with a footrest. Small couches or loveseats also work well for the bedroom, giving you a place to stretch out.

Unique Types of Furniture

The bedroom is the room in your house where you can have the most creative license. The aforementioned types of furniture are classic pieces every bedroom should have, but there are other pieces you may choose depending on your preference.

You may consider:

  • A computer desk with a unique PC set up
  • Bookshelves for collections of books and other knick-knacks
  • A chest at the foot of the bed for storing blankets, photo albums, or other items meant to be stored
  • A chaise lounge, as an alternative to a couch or chair

Take these ideas as inspiration when you want to personalize your space. While there are some guidelines for a bedroom, there are no rules! Feel free to make the space your own.

Choose Your Bedroom Furniture Today

Now you should have an idea of the types of furniture for your bedroom. While most people have the bedroom staples, the furniture style and color palette you choose will be the thing that makes your room truly unique. 

Contact our experts at Nest Bedding today to pick the perfect bed as the centerpiece for your bedroom today.