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Why Does Nest Bedding Require Certain Types of Bases for their Beds?

Why Does Nest Bedding Require Certain Types of Bases for their Beds?

When researching mattresses, you will find that every site has it's own set of policies and procedures on how to use their bed. And this is what sets our site apart from many other mattresses you find online. 

Many online mattress companies have little to no actual experience selling and building beds, they merely are marketing companies, having their beds made for them and focusing on selling them. 

And while their beds may be great, this lack of experience starts to show in they recommend their beds are used.

Some companies will tell you it is perfectly acceptable to put their mattress directly on the floor for continuous use. And while that makes a fine support, the potential issues are heat retention and long term mold buildup. And while some will say it's fine to put the bed on any type of base, that just shows their lack of experience as well. Putting a bed on a flexible base, like bowed slats or an older style box spring that bends with springs, will allow the mattress to bow and bend, even slightly, which can rob the bed is properly aligning your back.

And it never fails, as much as we try to educate consumers on the importance of using the correct base, we will get customers who are angry with us because other companies don't specify the type of base the bed should be on.

I try to help people understand that proper back alignment is similar to back support in a car seat. If you have ever driven a long distance in a car, in particular one with a seat that doesn't have proper lumbar support, you start to feel that ache in your lower back after about an hour. Same concept with your mattress. And just that few inches of adjusting the lumbar in your car seat can make all the difference in the world, same holds true for the bed. If you are sinking just even an inch or two in the middle because the base is bending, that is enough to put your back out of alignment. 

We will continue to sell beds the right way rather than give in to the current trend of mattress startups who tell consumers to put the bed on any old base. Nest Bedding believes in helping people sleep and educating them as opposed to just selling lots of beds and hoping most of them work out for consumers.