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Why Is It Important to Have Great Pillows When Sleeping?

Why Is It Important to Have Great Pillows When Sleeping?

Around 50% of people in the United States alone suffer from neck pain on a regular basis, but that doesn't mean you have to.

If you find that you tend to wake up every morning with a strained or achy neck, it may be because you're using the wrong kind of pillow. On the other hand, if you start using great pillows to rest your head, you will find that you'll never have to deal with neck pain again. 

But what types of pillows should you look for if you want to make sure that your neck has the right kind of support? What is the importance of pillows in the first place? Keep reading and learn more about your pillow options and how they can help you rest easy. 

The Importance of Pillows for Your Sleep Quality

Having a good pillow to sleep on is much more important than you might expect. Many people think that all pillows are more or less made the same, but this is not true in the slightest. There are many pillows that come in different shapes and sizes as well as different densities, weights, and so on. 

If you're not sleeping on the right pillow for your individual sleeping style, you're likely not going to be able to sleep very well. Sleeping on an old pillow isn't a good idea either. If your pillow is past its prime, no amount of fluffing will bring it back to life. 

It simply will no longer have the support it once did and, of course, it won't be able to support your head very well. If your pillow doesn't give your head the right kind of support, your neck will end up out of alignment with the rest of your spine. This may not sound like such a big deal, but this is the root of many stiff necks and achy necks. 

The Details

If you sleep for 8 hours with your neck out of whack, it only makes sense that it should hurt in the morning and throughout the rest of the day. On the other hand, if you choose a pillow that supports your head and keeps your neck in alignment, you won't have to deal with this problem. Instead, your neck will finally be where it's supposed to be while you sleep and it will finally have a chance to relax. 

The problem is that many people don't even know that they're sleeping on the wrong kind of pillow. They might attribute their neck discomfort to something else other than their pillow. For that reason, you should give your current pillow a close look and think about if you would benefit from other pillow types. 

If you know that your pillow is already quite old, it will be a good idea to switch it out for something more modern. But where should you start? How can you know what kind of pillow will work best for you?

How to Choose the Right Pillow for Your Spinal Health

Choosing a pillow doesn't have to be as hard as it seems, however, you will need to consider a few important factors. First, you will want to think about your usual sleep position. Do you often sleep on your back, stomach, or side? 

Your sleep position is important when choosing a pillow because it determines how your spine falls into (or out of) alignment while you sleep. For example, if you sleep on your stomach, your head will almost always end up higher than the rest of your body. This will cause your neck to arch upwards in contrast to the rest of your spine. 

This, as you can imagine, can easily result in an achy neck due to the misalignment between your neck and spine. For that reason, you will want to avoid large or fluffy pillows when you sleep on your stomach. Instead, you will want to choose a relatively flat pillow. 

That way, your neck won't arch upwards at an awkward angle and cause you any back problems. Some people might even be able to sleep without a pillow. However, it is recommended to sleep at least with a thin pillow so your neck and head have some support. 

What You Need to Know

But what about if you sleep on your back? You will want to avoid pillows that are too large as they might crane your neck too far forward. You will also want to avoid pillows that are too flat as they will provide too little support and your neck will end up craning back too far. 

Instead, you will want to look for an option that is right in the middle. That way, your head will have the right amount of support and your neck will be in alignment with the rest of your spine. But what about if you sleep on your side?

You will need to find a pillow that props your head up so it is in alignment with the rest of your spine. Since your upper body will be supported by your shoulders, you will need a taller and fuller pillow to fill the gap between your neck and head and the mattress. 

All About Choosing Great Pillows

Choosing great pillows doesn't have to be an impossible task. Having a good pillow will ensure that you sleep well and that you won't have to deal with neck pain in the morning. You should choose a pillow based on your sleep position, whether you sleep on your side, stomach, or back. 

To learn more about different pillows, don't hesitate to check out our products here.