Do I need a new foundation with my new Nest Bedding mattress?

We highly recommended that you use this time to review your foundation and supports to make sure that they are still working well and providing rigid support for your mattress. You should replace your boxed foundation or box spring each time you buy a new mattress, as old and wore out foundations can poorly affect the feel of your new bed.
Is my current foundation sufficient?
The best way to test if your current foundation is sufficient is to use your mattress on the floor for 5-7 nights and see if that changes the support or feel of the mattress. If it does, then it may be time to look at a new and more supportive foundation.
What's wrong with bowed slats?
Bowed or flexible slats are designed to add additional softening to a sleep system, but the system accomplishes this by allowing the support foams to shift downward where there is extra weight. Nest Bedding mattresses are designed to support your full body and give pressure point relief within the mattress itself, and the bowed slats with their less-than-ideal support will often force your body into a position that creates muscle fatigue and overall poor sleep posture.


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