How do I unpackage my new Nest Bedding mattress?

Our mattresses are flattened and then compress rolled. We do this so that they can be shipped right to your doorstep. There are two layers of plastic wrapping. The inner layer helps compress the bed; the outer layer holds the roll together. You should use a pair of scissors to cut through the outer layer of plastic first. Then cut small holes into the edges of the inner layer to allow air to fill the bed. As this occurs, you can begin to remove the inner packaging.

What should I do with my packaging once my mattress is expanded?
You won’t need this packaging again, so go ahead and dispose of the box and plastic wrapping appropriately.
What should I do with my bedding packaging?
You’ll want to save your bedding accessory packaging, in case you do decide to return your purchase. We like recycling and ask that you use the same box we sent you. If you are within your trial, Nest will cover the cost to return your purchase.


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