Lifetime Renewal Exchange

A comfort layer exchange you can redeem once, at any time, to alter the feel of your mattress or to increase its lifespan (this option saves you time and money while reducing waste).

A little bird told us you live near a Nest Bedding showroom.

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Nest Bedding and Mattress Los Angeles/Studio City, Ca


Nest Bedding Studio City, located in Studio City California, a suburb of Los Angeles. Our Studio City store is a convenient location surrounding by lots of boutiques and restaurants, making for a great shopping experience. Our store is staffed by our amazing store manager, Harrison. You will also find Brooke, a licensed massage therapist and she has a unique and insightful perspective on helping customers solve their sleep issues. Both are well-trained and ready to help you get a great night's sleep.


Call now! 818-477-4047


Why Los Angeles? Nest Bedding gets a lot of traffic from customers in the Southern California area, driving and flying up to see and purchase our unique, supportive and affordable mattresses. Nest Bedding in Studio City provides Los Angeles with Organic content Mattresses and Memory Foam Mattresses, organic bedding and sustainable furniture.

Why Nest Bedding for your next organic bedding & mattress or certified memory foam mattress? At Nest Bedding, you won't get balloons and pressure sales. And you won't get the same old name brands. What you will find is a selection of certified  memory foam mattresses and affordable natural mattress. You will also find a selection of bedding you won't find anywhere else. USA made, organic and affordable.