Lifetime Comfort Guarantee© on Nest Bedding Mattresses: 

Once you've purchased your first Nest Bedding mattress, you are eligible to receive our industry leading Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. This guarantee allows qualified customers to purchase a Nest Bedding mattress years down the road at thirty percent off. This program is in place simply because we want our valued customers to continue to achieve the great night sleep that they've been getting with their Nest Bedding mattress. Please review the Qualifying Terms.


Qualifying Terms

I. Our Lifetime Comfort Guarantee applies only to Nest Bedding mattresses purchased after August 31, 2017. Beds purchased before this time still enjoy our 100 night sleep trial.
II. All requests must be made via email to or your store of purchase.
III. Lifetime Comfort Guarantee can only be used if the original purchaser has not previously exchanged in their original 100 night trial or returned their purchase.
IV. Once the Lifetime Comfort Guarantee is redeemed, the guarantee is exhausted.
V. All Lifetime Comfort Guarantee sales are final.
VI. International sales do not qualify for the Lifetime Comfort Guarantee.



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