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Should I immediately launder my new luxury bedding?

All new bedding items purchased from Nest Bedding are able to be used immediately after purchase. Please see the care tag on your bedding item for specific care needs.

We want you to have a healthy nights sleep and love your new product. So you should follow these general guidelines when laundering your new luxury bedding.

Laundry care for Luxury Cotton Bedding.
-Wash colors in cold water.
-Wash white, natural and ivory colors in warm water.
-Tumble dry on low heat.
Laundry care for Bamboo Bedding.
-Bamboo linens are best laundered in cold water.
-It is okay to spot clean (chlorine free) on stains and then wash as normal.
-Dry on low heat and remove immediately.
-We recommend you do not use a dryer sheet, fabric softener or bleach.
Laundry care for Washable Wool Comforters.
-Your wool product will have an odor right away. This is normal. There's no need to wash it yet.
-When the time comes to wash your comforter, Fill your washer or a large basin with cold/warm water.
-Slowly submerge your comforter into the water, until the entire product is soaked.
-Plunge by hand gently to clean using a wool safe soap
-Drain and squeeze out the water by hand
-DO NOT USE A DRYER. Hang dry on a shower curtain in a well-ventilated bathroom, or hang dry in the sun. Wool was designed to dry on its own, so let nature take its course.
Helpful Tips
-Wash sheets and bedding separately from other items to avoid lint buildup.
-To maintain the quality of the fibers in your new Luxury Bedding, do not use fabric softeners.
-Shake linens between washing and drying to minimize wrinkles.
-Avoid bleach and bleach alternatives to avoid discoloration.
-Choose a liquid and natural detergent for the best results.


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