What if I don't like my new Nest Bedding pillow right away?

If your pillow has a zipper, your pillow is adjustable and you can add or remove material based on your preference, we hope that you will spend several nights trying the various combinations to make sure you find that perfect fit. Make sure to hold on to that extra fill so that you can add it back to the pillow as it settles during the first 30-60 days. We would love to hear from you if you need extra assistance finding the fit that is best for you.

How do I adjust my pillow?
The Easy Breather pillows come with a zipper conveniently installed on one side. This is there so that you may remove handfuls at a time from the pillow and change the feel. Use a large zip-lock back to store your extra fill, as you may need it to adjust your pillow as you trial it for 100-nights.
Don't forget you've got 100-nights to trial your new pillow.
It's the Nest Bedding guarantee that we will give you 100 nights to test our your new pillow. 100 nights is plenty of time to fall in love with sleeping more soundly and comfortably.
Do you need more fill for your adjustable pillow?
Our team would love a chance to help you adjust your pillow to the perfect firmness. Please message us at customerservice@nestbedding.com if you'd like more fill sent to you.


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