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10 Cozy Bed Essentials

10 Cozy Bed Essentials

Do you want a bed you can throw yourself in and immediately be enveloped by warm blankets and pillows? A bed so warm and cozy you'll want to spend all winter in it? Creating a cozy bed is more than adding an extra blanket or some more pillows. 

If you want to create the coziest bed you can that makes you cherish every night spent in it, there are some necessary items you might need to purchase first. 

1. Your Mattress Match

The right mattress is the first step to creating your dream bed. You want one that offers you the right amount of support, but also lets you sink into a bit. Choose a mattress based on how you sleep, what you get the best rest on, and the healthiest materials. There are a lot of mattresses available today, so take your time when making the decision. 

2. Cover up With a Mattress Cover

A mattress cover might not feel like the coziest bed item, but it helps keep your mattress clean, can keep your bed cooler or warmer, and generally helps maintain better hygiene. Once you have a mattress cover and see all it can protect your mattress from, you'll never go without it again. 

3. How Your Frame It

Your bed frame does make a difference with how cozy your bed is. And a mattress frame also helps support your mattress and gives you a better night's sleep. Choose a frame that matches your room and the colors you want to use in decorating.

You don't have to go with a huge frame that takes up the space, but one that fits with what you want. A frame is an investment and will make your room feel more put together and can make it feel cozier as well. 

4. Sweet Sheets

The right sheets can make a bed much more comfortable and easy to sleep in. Cotton, silk, or linen are great choices and offer a variety of feels for your bed.

Get a cozy warm color for the winter so you'll always be ready to curl up. You can also try out more patterned sheets and plan them with your duvet cover as well. There are a lot of fabrics going on in the bedroom, so plan out the sets you like together before buying a bunch of mismatched sheets and pillowcases. 

5. Do Duvet Right

Your duvet, specifically what is inside the duvet cover, is crucial for a cozy bed. Find one that is the right balance for you and your body. It should keep you warm and also let you breathe so your body doesn't overheat each night. When you're buying a duvet you can see how heavy it is and whether it is breathable or not. 

6. Pillow Party

Your pillows not only make a difference in your sleep but also in your cozy bed item inventory. Having the main pillows you use to sleep on is important, and be sure you have one that works for you and your body. But then you also want to add a few more to up the coziness factor and allow you to cocoon more easily. 

7. Cover Comfort

With both your pillows and your duvet, you want to have the right color and material. This can be different for each item, but it needs to work with you and your aesthetic. Try a nice plain colored linen duvet cover if you don't want to make it too complicated.

And with pillowcases, you can go silk for a more luxurious feel, which can also help your skin and hair while you sleep. Otherwise going for a good quality of cotton can work well. 

8. A Bunch of Blankets

Blankets are the key to caking a cozy bed for winter. Don't be afraid to pile on a few extras that you can keep at the foot of your bed. Extra blankets let you accommodate guests and curl up over your duvet if you want to sit on your bed and read or watch a movie before going under the covers. Since they can be easily added or taken off whenever you need them, having more than you think you'll use in varying weights can be a benefit.

9. Heating up a Heating Pad

If you really want to go all out with your cozy bed items, adding a heated mattress pad is the ultimate accessory. You can choose the heat setting and have your bed temperature exactly where you want it all winter long.  

10. A Warm World

When you want to create a cozy bed for winter, you can also add some accessories to your room to enhance the heat and give that nice warm feeling. Try adding warmer lighting like from a salt lamp at your bedsite, thicker curtains of a warm shade, and a good rug is a must. Warm up the area around your bed and your bed itself will become a cozier spot.

Cozy Bed Ready

Once you have started building your cozy bed, you may find it hard to stop adding more items that increase the cozy mood of the room. But when it comes to building warmth is the more the merrier.

Don't forget to bulk up on blankets and soft pillows, and invest in sheets and duvet that you can use outside of winter as well. If you're not sure where to look for the best products, we've got you more than covered when it comes to bedding concerns.