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10 Key Things You Need To Know About a Latex Mattress

10 Key Things You Need To Know About a Latex Mattress

A good night's sleep: the Holy Grail of modern living.

One way of achieving a better night's sleep is by changing your mattress. Latex mattresses have become a popular option in recent years for those chasing deeper sleep. Like all mattress types, latex mattresses have their pros and cons. As they're not as common as other mattress types, they're also somewhat misunderstood.

Here are ten key things you need to know about a latex mattress.

1. They're Not THAT Latex

What's a latex mattress, anyway?

Let's get it out of the way: mattress latex has nothing to do with latex clothing in terms of its look and feel. To a casual eye, the materials couldn't be more different.

So ditch any preconceptions you have about latex as a material.

Latex mattresses are made of a solid foam—they look and act more like giant sponges than what the word "latex" might call to mind. They deform in response to pressure while offering resistance that supports you as you sleep.

A latex mattress is roughly the same color as any other type of mattress.

2. They're Not Too Hot

Another common misconception, derived from associations with latex clothing, is that latex mattresses sleep hot. In fact, latex mattresses sleep quite cool—cooler even than some other types of mattresses, like memory foam.

Latex has an open-cell structure that allows air to circulate, so, contrary to common expectations, latex mattresses can be excellent for those who overheat in their sleep. This is in contrast to the superficially-similar memory foam, which does tend to trap heat.

3. There Are Different Kinds

Like other mattresses, there are several varieties of latex mattress.

The top-level distinction is usually made between natural and synthetic latex mattresses. Natural latex mattresses are more expensive. In-between are hybrids, which mix natural and synthetic forms, usually to balance cost.

There are also two principal types of latex in terms of manufacturing: Dunlop and Talalay. There's only a small difference in terms of the sleep experience. Dunlop tends to be firmer, while Talalay offers more bounce.

4. There Are Latex Hybrids

Like most mattresses, latex mattresses can be mixed and matched with other types.

A latex hybrid usually combines a top layer of latex material with lower layers composed of polyfoam or coils. This provides some of the advantages of latex while keeping costs down.

As latex is an expensive mattress material, this is a popular alternative to a full latex mattress. Yet a hybrid latex mattress does sacrifice some of the benefits of pure latex beds. For instance, combining latex with innersprings limits the motion isolation abilities of the latex layer.

5. They're Robust

Latex mattresses are some of the most robust mattresses around. The material is resilient to wear and tear by its nature.

Latex lacks the natural points of failure you'll find in a coil mattress and doesn't deform much over time like other mattresses. Put together, these can give your mattress a lifespan well over a decade if cared for.

This makes latex mattresses one of the mattress types with the longest operational lifespan.

6. They Isolate Motion

If you have a partner who turns into a rotisserie chicken at night, then you know about the problem of motion transfer.

Traditional mattresses like coil mattresses have high motion transfer. What affects one person in the bed often affects the other. The elasticity of a latex mattress means it keeps its shape outside the area of direct pressure.

This means that the motion of one sleeper won't transfer across the entire bed as is common in the likes of innerspring or spring hybrid mattresses.

7. They're Nearly Silent

Speaking of disturbed sleep, you might also be glad to know that latex mattresses are nearly silent.

If you or your partner moves around a lot in your sleep, it can lead to a noisy wake-up call in other types of mattresses. 

Latex mattresses don't have that problem. As they're made from a dense, foamy substance, they make about as much noise as a squeezed sponge. And for those still picturing weird fetish material, rest assured that you won't hear any rubbery squeaking.

8. They're Supportive

Latex mattresses offer an excellent degree of natural support. Latex is an elastic material by nature, which means it reacts to your body weight and shape but retains a gentle "push" that will support you while you sleep.

That said, latex does lack a certain degree of "hug" associated with mattress types like memory foam. Latex reacts to your body with resistance, like a spring bed, but doesn't deform to cradle you like memory foam.

9. They Can Be Hypoallergenic

Allergies are a growing problem in modern environments, so more people than ever are looking for hypoallergenic sleeping options.

The good news is that 100% natural latex mattresses fall into that category. These are made entirely from the extract of rubber trees. Unlike other mattress types, they don't contain petrochemicals.

Yet this is only true of 100% natural latex mattresses. Other latex mattress types may contain synthetic allergens, so be sure to check your mattress type if you're buying a latex mattress for this reason.

10. They Can Be Expensive

You may have noticed that we've mentioned the cost of latex mattresses a couple of times. It's true, latex mattresses tend to be more expensive than their counterparts.

This is most true of organic, natural latex, which typically sits in the upper band of what a mattress can cost. Still, there are various latex mattresses designed to offset the cost. Synthetic latex mattresses are cheaper, as are hybrid mattresses combining a latex layer with layers made of other materials.

The Many Benefits of a Latex Mattress

If you've ever wondered if a latex mattress is right for you, look no further. These ten key facts are just about everything you need to know about latex mattress qualities. With these in mind, you can decide if a latex mattress is the right choice for you.

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