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9 Spring Cleaning Tips for Refreshing and Organizing Your Bedroom

9 Spring Cleaning Tips for Refreshing and Organizing Your Bedroom

The season of dusting, disinfecting, and decluttering has begun.

The age-old tradition of spring cleaning has been tricking people into cleaning for years. The annual deep clean can be one of the most refreshing and tiring times of the year.

Whether you look forward to it or dread it, we're here to help you out. By following these tips for spring cleaning, you can start organizing your bedroom and get rid of your mess.  

1. Make a Checklist for Organizing Your Bedroom 

Spring cleaning can be an overwhelming and daunting task to take on. By creating a cleaning checklist, you can work on staying on track.

By doing this you can ensure that all household chores and completed. This list can help to keep you on track since it's important to stay motivated during spring cleaning.

2. Slow and Steady

Cleaning your bedroom step by step is much more effective. Doing a deep clean and decluttering your room can take more than a day.

The idea of cleaning out everything and organizing can make you want to lay all of your things out on the floor. This should not be the first step, as creating a giant mess that will only discourage you from cleaning and make you feel too overwhelmed.

By taking your cleaning section by section, you can prevent that huge mess. Focus not only on cleaning out different parts of your room but also enhancing them. Spring cleaning can also be a time to tackling tasks slowly in the updating process.  

3. Create a Chores Schedule

After you make it through a successful spring cleaning you want to create a chore schedule. By doing this you can avoid the daunting annual two-week cleaning process. 

By staying accountable to your weekly, monthly and seasonal chores you can keep your living space clean year-round. 

4. Establish Cleaning Habits

To make your cleanliness last through the season it is important to develop cleaning habits. The ultimate tool for this is the daily 5-10 minute clean. 

Either five minutes before you go to bed or immediately when you wake up, spend time cleaning and putting things away. This can prevent your room from getting too messy. It is important not to skip days so this can become a habit, rather than another procrastinated chore. 

5. Clean All Surfaces  

Spring cleaning is the one time a year that you worry about the dust bunnies that have accumulated under your bed. 

Given the onset of the pandemic, we can assume you may have already accumulated a large supply of disinfectants. However, if your stockpile is depleted, you can also take this opportunity to stock up on your cleaning supplies and disinfect all surfaces.

6. Store Seasonally

One of the best parts of spring cleaning time is the turning of the leaves. However, this also means the shift of the wardrobe. It is officially time to put your coats away and prepare for warmer weather. 

A great way to optimize the use of your space is to use under bed storage or space bags to put your cold-weather clothing away until next year. By storing your clothes seasonally, it will also be easier to go through your closet each day. 

6. Build a Workspace

Especially with the shift to teleworking that the coronavirus brought on, your bedroom is no longer just a place for relaxation and comfort. It is important that you build a space that is going to help you be efficient working from home. 

Teleworking has drastically altered people's routines. Very few have been able to masterfully work from home without being distracted. You want to build a workspace with little distractions.

This is the perfect opportunity to clear off your desk and remove any small trinkets that you may have acquired. By creating a fully functional workspace it is easier to stay focused and in a work mentality throughout the day. 

7. Out With the Old

Spring cleaning is the annual excuse for us to get rid of all of the junk we have stockpiled and find hidden treasures in the mess. When it comes to decluttering, think about cleaning out your wardrobe, non-essential items in your room, and your workspace.

If you take a minute or two to look around your room, it is probably full of non-essential items. Now some of these items may be decor or memories that when you look at genuinely fill you with joy. It's okay to keep those.

But a lot of the things in your home are just random stuff. When you take a minute to look around, all you will see is “filler.” Removing the “filler” is how you can begin to think in a minimalist mindset.

8. Go Minimal

One of the best ways to make the new season more efficient is by decluttering. This helps not only to keep your room organized but can help to reduce distractions. When working from home, it is easy to get distracted by the trinkets and things you have stockpiled around your workspace.

That is why thinking in a minimalist mindset can be beneficial. By focusing on functional purchases can help to increase your daily productivity. Researchers have proven that a messy home can make you less productive and add to your stress level. 

9. In With the New

Spring cleaning is the perfect excuse to update your living space. You spent most of your time homebound last year. With the rise of teleworking and social distancing guidelines, it is important that you are creating an environment of comfort and productivity in your home.

One of the best ways to make your home more comfortable is by updating your mattress. Splurge on a new comforter or bedding to help tie your room redesign together, or switch to a new mattress. That way, you can ensure that your spring cleaning also helps you to start the season fresh and renewed.

Spring Cleaning Tips: Start the New Season Fresh

The end of spring cleaning can bring you an immense sense of satisfaction as you begin the new season. Bedroom spring cleaning, in particular, can make you feel refreshed and ready to focus. 

Take the new season as a reason for organizing your bedroom and updating your space. Browse our collection of beautiful eco-friendly products to find a fresh new look for your bedroom!