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A comfort layer exchange you can redeem once, at any time, to alter the feel of your mattress or to increase its lifespan (this option saves you time and money while reducing waste).

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Have You Gone Slumber Shopping Yet?

How do you sleep treat yourself? Probably with a set of new sheets, a new comforter or designer “jammies”? Did you know there are other ways to make your haven all the more heavenly? There are plenty of products out in the market that not only make the environment cosier and relaxing, but are also sleep inducing. Actually, there are dozens of products in the market that claim better sleep, but most just fall flat. Following are a list of products that deliver on their promises of helping you sleep better:

Noise Reducer

If you have kids at home and/or are sensitive to noise, then a good quality noise reducer will be worth your money. Many people keep the television on for background noise but that isn’t a good enough substitute for white noise, plus the light emitting from the screen is distracting all on its own. Noise reducers create white noise or ambient noise that helps reduce distracting noise from outside the room as well as from within. So if humming noise of electronics, snoring or loud neighbours have been distracting you, it is time to treat yourself to a noise reducer.

Organic Pillows and Sheets

It is very easy to be tempted by silk sheets, embroidered quilt covers and fancy frills when shopping for bedding. But as tempting as they might look, they do very little to induce sleep. Next time you are looking for new sheets or pillows, try out easy breather pillows made from organic latex-free pillows and let them work their magic. They are a healthier alternative with adjustable heights to let you have it your way in every way. We carry organic sheets and pillows here at Nest Bedding. USA made organic sheet sets available here.

Aroma Treats

Plant and essential oils are great relaxants and can help you to unwind after a tiring day and to tuck you in bed with their power to relax your senses. The trick, however, is in finding the right aroma that not only appeals but is also conducive to your relaxation. So make sure that you invest your time investigating the products before you purchase them.

Indoor Air Purifiers

If you suffer from nasal congestion or allergies, indoor air purifiers can go a long way in ensuring a good night’s sleep.  Air purifiers, as sometimes marketed, are not essentially a solution for better sleep.

Temperature Controlling Devices

Are you generally up all night trying to control the room’s temperature? It can be difficult to retain the desired temperature in the bedroom. Temperature controllers keep the temperature within your desired range through the night.

Sleep Assistants

There are sleep assistants available in the market that can help induce sleep via breathing exercises. Breathing correctly can greatly assist in falling asleep, and these sleep assistants help greatly. You can always learn deep breathing techniques with a relaxation yoga program, or you could simply purchase your own personal assistant.

These are some of the products that are currently available in the market that help the sleepless get a good night’s rest.