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A Good Night’s Sleep- Your Key to Health and Happiness!

Today on the Sleep Doctor Blog, we discuss how important a good night's sleep is and the impact it can have on your health. Nest Bedding is committed to helping you get a great night's sleep.


We follow different exercise routines and adopt various diet plans, and strictly adhere to them no matter how stressing and depressing they are! We do all this for the sake of good health and a fit lifestyle which will help us to derive the maximum pleasures of life.


What we fail to realize is that though exercise routines and diet plans do contribute to healthy living, they are not the only neither the most important of factors which contribute to the health and happiness of an individual. A good night’s sleep is considered more important by medical professionals for the healthy daily routine of an individual.  

The absence of a proper sleeping pattern is the cause of different diseases and health disorders in a majority of individuals. Lack of suitable hours of sleep can result in the following problems:

Increased Risk of Obesity

If you were to sleep only six hours during the night, then it increases the risk of you becoming obese by 27%! Startling isn’t it? Usually sleep is the first thing we compromise while dealing with a stressful work and home life. We sacrifice our sleep to keep on schedule, and unknowingly increase the chances of becoming obese.

If you sleep for less than 4 hours a night, then your calorie consumption will increase by 22%, resulting in a high probability of your picking up weight in the process.

High Probability of Cancer

Women who sleep for even less than 6 hours during the night run a 62% higher risk of contracting breast cancer than an average woman with a suitable sleep routine! The statistics highlight the importance of appropriate sleep patterns for the health of an individual.

Augmented Threat of Heart Diseases

If you are sleeping for less than 6 hours at night, then you are running a high risk of becoming a victim of different dangerous heart diseases, by an increased probability of 48%! You become a highly probable individual to suffer from a stroke, because of the harmful impact of having improper sleep.

All your exercises and diet plans might be of no good if you don’t compliment the arrangement with a suitable sleeping pattern at night.

High Probability of Accidents!

Around 20% of vehicle accidents are due to a result of drowsy driving by a sleep deprived individual. With improper sleep patterns, it becomes difficult to focus and pay attention to everyday office or home tasks. With the apparent lack of focus, accidents are prone to happen. Just think! The sleep we compromise all the time might even result in some dangerous accidents which might incur serious consequences for you and for others!

Higher Levels of Anxiety and Depression

Due to lack of sleep, the brain experiences high anticipatory reactions, which result in increased anxiety and sometimes panic in an individual. The brain function becomes slow because of the lack of proper sleep, and you tend to become moody and depressed.

A proper night’s sleep of about 7 to 9 hours in adults is necessary for the health and proper functioning of an individual. Just like any other machine, the human body also requires a suitable amount of break time to get its system working efficiently every day.