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Why Medicinal Mushrooms Can Help You Sleep Better

medicinal mushrooms can help you sleep better
Medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi, Cordyceps, and Lion's Mane have numerous health benefits—reducing stress, supporting the immune system, and optimizing neurological function. All of these can enhance our ability to get a deep and restful night's sleep. We'll share how medicinal mushrooms can help you sleep better.

Tips to Incorporate the 5 Senses Into Your Sleep Routine

cozy couple sleep routine with feet sticking out from covers
If you're like most people, you may not overthink about your bedtime routine until your sleep begins to suffer. If sleep is eluding you, try incorporating all five of your senses into your sleep routine. Here are some tips to get you started.

I Can't Sleep: 6 Things To Do When Shut-Eye Eludes You

woman in bed with alarm clock can't sleep
Unfortunately, about one-third of Americans say that they don't get enough sleep. If you're getting less than seven hours of sleep a night, you have a problem. Fortunately, there are some actions you can take when you can’t sleep. Here are six ideas to try when you can’t get enough shut-eye.

9 Tips to Help Calm Racing Thoughts at Night

hiker meditating on rock to calm racing thoughts at night
After crawling into bed at night, what you want is to drift peacefully off to sleep. That's nearly impossible if your mind is racing with dozens of different thoughts. If your brain can't relax, neither can your body. These tips can help you calm racing thoughts at night and enjoy restful slumber.

Hydration and Sleep: Finding the Perfect Balance

woman drinking water on bed for better hydration and sleep
Most of us understand that staying hydrated is essential. We have vague memories of learning in our high school health lessons exactly why water i...

Sleeping with Scoliosis: Some Tips for Sound Sleep

back of woman sleeping with scoliosis
If you happen to be one of the many Americans dealing with scoliosis, we probably do not have to tell you about the daily difficulties this condition often causes. At the top of the list may be chronic pain. Fortunately, we have some tips to help you get the soundest sleep possible when sleeping with scoliosis.

Is Fibromyalgia Hindering Your Sleep? Check Out These 6 Sleep Tips

woman in bed needs sleep tips for fibromyalgia
Getting restful sleep is not as easy for some people as it is for others. Chronic health problems are a significant concern for those who struggle with sleeping through the night. One such chronic condition is fibromyalgia. Here are a few sleep tips for those with fibromyalgia who can't seem to get enough sleep.

Aromatherapy and Sleep: Promoting Relaxation with Essential Oils

woman smelling essential oils to benefit from aromatherapy and sleep
With quality sleep, you wake feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to tackle the day. While you are likely aware of the adverse effects of sleep deprivation, knowing the consequences will not make falling asleep any more comfortable. Aromatherapy and sleep go hand in hand to create relaxation with essential oils.

7 Thoughts Before Sleep to Doze Off Peacefully

7 Thoughts Before Sleep to Doze Off Peacefully
Our thoughts before sleep can have a surprising impact on our nightly rest. Worrying is not likely to help you get any shut-eye, and stress and anxiety can pile up like chores on your to-do list. At night, you're better off scrapping that list and focusing on any one of these thoughts to get some much-needed shuteye.

Can Binaural Beats Help You Sleep?

man relaxing with headphones as binaural beats help you sleep
Research shows that these auditory illusions can make a real difference in concentration and mood. People who use binaural beats as a meditative tool swear by the power they have to change moods and enhance focus. But can binaural beats help you sleep? Let's get into it.

11 Aromatherapy Scents for Sleep: How to Use Essential Oils for Sleep

aromatherapy scents for sleep
The ancient use of aromatherapy is making a comeback. Not only are essential oils used to perfume our homes, but they also have health-promoting properties like the power to soothe people to sleep. Let's take a look at the different aromatherapy scents for sleep and how they can improve your life.

6 Cool Tricks for Better Sleep on a Budget

man wearing sleep mask in bed for better sleep on a budget
If you need to solve your sleep problem without creating a new household budget category or altering your bedtime routine, we're here to help. There are a number of easy budget-friendly ways to improve your sleep environment and quality of sleep. Let's take a look at our top six ways to get better sleep on a budget.


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