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11 Important Spring Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

11 Important Spring Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

In the US around 78% of households spring clean every year.

Plenty of people are used to spring cleaning, but that doesn't mean they're always doing it in the best way. There are plenty of things you can do to make spring cleaning your home easier and more effective.

For 11 of the best spring cleaning tips, keep reading.

1. Make a Schedule

You can come up with all kinds of spring cleaning ideas, but you need to be organized if you want them to work well. Think about what areas need cleaning the most, or don't get enough attention when doing routine cleaning. These are usually good places to start.

A solid schedule will keep you on track and make sure everything gets done properly.

2. Declutter

General mess and clutter make it easier for things like dirt and dust to gather. On top of this, if your home looks untidy it can add to your stress levels. Even if things are clean, a lack of organization will make it feel less so.

This includes places that aren't out in the open. Closets and drawers can easily become messy, so make sure you organize these from time to time.

3. Think Green

A lot of common cleaning materials often contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals might make them suitable for cleaning, but they also present a health hazard and can be harmful to the environment.

A steam cleaner is a great example of a product that does a great job and is environmentally friendly. It uses hot water vapor to clean, making it completely chemical-free.

You can also use natural ingredients to make cleaning solutions. A combination of water, baking soda, and distilled vinegar can be a very efficient cleaner. They're non-toxic, and generally quite cheap.

4. Work From Top to Bottom

One mistake that is quite easy to make is cleaning sections of a room in the wrong order. If the first thing you clean is the floor, you will probably have to clean it again.

One of our best deep cleaning tips is to start at the ceiling of a room and work down. This way any mess that is created will fall to the ground, so you'll only have to clean the floor once as the last part of the room.

5. Don't Forget Walls and Windows

When first thinking about how to spring clean, one thing that's often forgotten is the walls. Dust settles more on floors and flat surfaces, but walls will collect some too. A damp cloth is usually enough - wipe your walls before moving onto the floor.

Blinds can also collect a lot of dust, so do the same here. Many people use chemicals to clean windows, but as mentioned above, a steam cleaner is often a better option.

6. Keep Cleaning Supplies to a Minimum

Deep cleaning a home is no small task. Because of this, people often think that they need a wide range of equipment and materials to clean their homes properly. It's generally a better idea to keep cleaning materials to a minimum to save money and space.

For most surfaces, you will just need a simple multi-purpose cleaning solution and microfiber cloths. If you have a steam cleaner it can make light work of various surfaces that need a deeper clean. Beyond this you might need some other more specific supplies, so only buy what you need.

7. Keep Your Air Clean

There are plenty of deep cleaning tips that cover various surfaces, types of stains, best techniques, etc. but people often don't think about the quality of the air in their home. Once you've finished a room it can quickly get back into a bad state if the air isn't clean.

Regularly replace the filters in your HVAC and furnace systems so that dust and other particulates are removed from the air. Filters with a higher MERV rating will filter out smaller particles and may be better if you suffer from allergies.

Clean air will help keep your home clean for longer and is healthier for you and your family.

8. Set a New Tone

There's no better time to give your home a new look than when spring cleaning. Moving into spring you might want to brighten things up a bit. Light colors can give your home a warm feel, perfect for leaving winter behind.

There are all sorts of simple things you can add or change to do this, such as bedding, table linens, curtains, and towels. Nest Bedding offers various products to help change the look of your home.

9. Be Thorough With Your Kitchen and Bathroom

If you truly know how to deep clean a house, you'll know that the kitchen and bathroom can often need more work than other rooms. As kitchens are used for cooking they can get into a pretty bad state, and dirt can get almost anywhere.

Go through your fridge and pantry making sure you get rid of any items that have gone bad. Wipe down cabinets on both the inside and outside. Some surfaces such as stainless steel can be susceptible to scratching/marking, so use gentle cleaners where possible.

Do the same for expired items in bathroom cabinets. Don't forget to change your shower curtain, and regularly check your bathroom fan to make sure it doesn't need replacing.

10. Be Careful With Allergies

Deep cleaning will unsettle dust, and if you have allergies this can cause you a lot of grief. The best thing to do is wear protective gear like rubber gloves, a mask, a hairnet, and long-sleeved clothing.

You should also check the labels of cleaners you're using to make sure they don't contain any ingredients that will be a problem for you.

Take this into consideration when furnishing your home too. Hypoallergenic mattresses and bedding will help if you suffer from allergies.

11. Establish New Cleaning Habits

After a proper spring cleaning, you'll want to keep your house in a good state. Try to get into good cleaning habits, then when it's time for your next deep clean it will make things much easier.

It's a good idea to set aside a small amount of time each day for routine cleaning tasks, and keep on top of them as best you can.

Making the Most of These Spring Cleaning Tips

These spring cleaning tips are effective on their own but work best when used together. Plan out your tasks and the supplies you need, clean in an efficient manner, and spruce things up while you're at it.

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