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9 Essential Things to Do Before Bed Each Night

9 Essential Things to Do Before Bed Each Night

Close to one-third of Americans fail to get adequate sleep regularly. Are you struggling to get quality sleep at night with no luck? Figuring out the right things to do before bed each night can be a great starting point.

A good night’s sleep is equally essential as a balanced diet and regular exercise. If you fail to sleep well, you risk having impaired brain function and hormonal imbalances. Your physical performance will also diminish while your stress and anxiety levels rise.

Your bedtime routine should comprise activities that encourage your mind to focus on sleep. It should help you do away with obstacles that make it difficult to fall asleep.

Here are nine activities if you're wondering what to do before bed for good quality sleep:

1. Stick to a Consistent Sleep Schedule

Make a habit of going to bed and waking up at the same time daily. Your sleep schedule should span about 7 hours to keep you refreshed throughout the day.

Finish any pending tasks you have before bedtime, and if you can't, schedule them for the next day. Eventually, your body will adapt to the sleep schedule, provided you are consistent with it.

2. Eliminate Distractions from Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be free of distractions like noise and blue light for you to get proper sleep. That's because it's quite difficult to fall asleep in a noisy room. If you live next to a road with lots of traffic, invest in a white noise generator and soundproof your windows to keep noise out.

While it may be tempting to want to read or eat in your bedroom, keep the room separate from your other rooms. If you have to eat, do it from the kitchen table or dining room. Eliminating distractions in the bedroom can help train your brain to associate it with a room for relaxation.

3. Set an Ideal Bedroom Temperature

Your body temperature and temperatures in your bedroom can affect the quality of sleep. It's quite hard to get quality sleep during summer or in the hot weather since it's too warm.

If the temperatures in your bedroom are high, you risk staying awake the entire night. You may also experience sweating and get uncomfortable with the sweat falling through your beddings. The perfect temperature for a bedroom should be 70 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum comfort.

4. Ensure Your Bed, Pillow, and Mattress are Comfortable

Most people find it pleasurable to sleep in a hotel because of the quality bedding. Besides maintaining a relaxed environment, you should also consider the quality of your bed.

Always change your mattress every five years before the old one becomes too uncomfortable. You wouldn't want to experience shoulder pain, back stiffness, and back pain brought by sleeping on uncomfortable beddings.

5. Watch What You Eat and Drink During Bedtime

You may find it challenging to get quality sleep if you take sugar before bedtime. Food high in fats, alcohol, and coffee is also not great for bedtime. Limit your intake of processed carbs before bedtime since they take time to digest.

Instead, plan out your nutritional needs and meet them before you retire to bed. You should also keep your body hydrated to avoid waking up feeling dehydrated. Water can help control drowsiness and keeps your energy levels high.

6. Switch Off Your Devices Before Bed

Devices like TV, smartphones, or tablets produce blue light that is known to interfere with sleep cycles. Therefore, you should avoid getting exposed to blue light by adopting an environmentally friendly solution like reading on paper rather than a tablet.

Blue light from modern screens can reduce your melatonin levels. With low melatonin levels, you can only get poor quality sleep and wake up with a feeling of grogginess. Consider turning off your screens at least 2 hours before falling asleep.

7. Reflect on the Day's Achievements

Spare some time in your bedtime to clear your mind if you're looking for help on how to unwind. Relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation can help relieve stress and boost sleep quality. They are also a remedy for insomnia.

During the relaxation time, you can ask anyone you live with to give you a relaxing massage. You may also read books and indulge in meditation and breathing exercises. Experiment with other recreational activities until you find something that works for you.

8. Take a Hot Shower an Hour Before Bed

Hot baths help relax your cocoons and muscles to keep them warm. Once your body cools the heat brought by the water, your circadian rhythm will get back to normal. Your heart rates will also remain low, and breathing rates will be optimum.

Avoid using scented products when showering since they may have harsh ingredients. You should also avoid skincare products with stimulating scents like sweet or citrus since you may have trouble falling asleep. Instead, a lot for sandalwood and Lavender since they are known to fight anxiety.

9. Take Sleep Inducing Supplements

You have a broad list of options when it comes to choosing sleep-inducing supplements. Taking 250 mg of ginkgo Biloba may help you relax, while glycine improves sleep quality.

You may also take valerian root supplements when looking for help on how to fall asleep fast. Magnesium boosts metabolic function, L-Theanine improves relaxation, while Lavender has calming effects. Green tea can help detoxify your body, leaving you feeling rejuvenated for sleep.

Only take these nutritional supplements bit by bit to avoid overdosing on any. They may give you results when paired with other sleeping strategies. You should also check the ingredients for allergens if you have an active allergy.

Now You Know the Things to Do Before Bed

Since sleep plays a great role in your health, it's a good idea to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. You wouldn't want to have concentration problems or performance issues caused by lack of sleep. Put these nine tips on things to do before bed into practice.

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