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How To Choose The Best Mattress For You

Shopping for a mattress; it is about exciting as buying gas and as daunting as an IRS audit. And while no one really likes buying a mattress, it is one of the most impactful purchases you will make. A mattress is not one of those purchases where you shop for the cheapest. Buying just "any" mattress can result in you not getting proper rest and lead to physical issues such as back pain and circulation issues. Finding the right mattress for you, for your body type, for your sleeping situation, is like finding the right key to unlock a lock; when you find the right one it unlocks great sleep.

But how do you choose the right mattress? THAT is the million dollar question! Some people go from mattress store to mattress store, looking for sales, and trusting that the salesperson will be able to help. But is that the best way to find the right mattress? 

Some stores have a computerized machine that shows pressure points and supposedly will lead you to the right mattress. Is that the solution?

There are memory foam mattresses and organic latex mattresses. Which one is the best? Coils or no coils? Box spring or platform? Which mattress will give you the best night's sleep?

Here is a checklist, brought to you by your friends at Nest Bedding, on how to go about choosing the right mattress:

  • Before stepping foot in a mattress store, do your research. Start a spreadsheet and start making a list of stores in your area. Sites like, and can give you unbiased advice.
  • Then, list the brands that are carried by those stores. 
  • Set a realistic budget, a price range. Then start to filter out the mattress brands that are not in your budget.
  • The next step would be to start narrow down your list of stores. You can do this by checking review sites, and by asking friends for referrals.
  • You should be able to narrow it down to 3-5 stores and 5-8 brands you want to see.
  • Visit the stores on your list and test out the mattresses. If you have been sleeping on a firmer mattress, don't cloud your decision by laying on soft mattresses, and vice-versa. You don't want to deviate too far from what type of mattress feel you have grown accustomed.
  • Once you narrow down the selection in the store, lay on the one or two you like for 10-15 minutes. And don't forget to lay on it in the position you like to sleep. If you are choosing with a partner, lay on it with your partner.
  • While you don't want to put the whole decision in the hands of the salesperson, listen to them and if they are knowledgeable and helpful, they can help you choose the right model.
  • Compare pricing, warranty, return policies, delivery, time frame, construction and comfort.
  • Don't buy the first one that feels good! Visit all the stores on your list. Once you have, review your notes. Check for sales or specials before finalizing your purchase. 

Buying a new mattress can be daunting but not impossible. Your friends at Nest Bedding encourage this process and want you to be happy with your mattress purchase.