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Why We Don't Use Bio or Soy-Based Foams

There are a few mattress companies out there these days touting the eco-benefits of their foams, saying they are soy "based" or eco-friendly because they contain soy.

Many consumers fall prey to this greenwashing message, thinking they are getting eco-friendly or "greener" mattresses because of these marketing claims. But are they truthful?

What most consumers don't understand is that what is being touted as soy "based" is really just a little bit of soy oil replacing the plastic polyols. It's still polyurethane foam, but using some soy oils instead of completely polyurethane. 

Another aspect that is not spoken of by these companies touting the "eco-friendliness" of these foams is the soy used is grown with GMOs, genetically modified crops grown here in the USA. Cargill Chemical Company produces these chemically modified crops of soy then looks for places to sell their crops. These crops infect other nearby farmer's crops with genetically modified seeds and chemical weed killers. 

Also, adding these plant based materials to the plastic can have long lasting effects on the durability of the foam.

So, what is the answer? Either choose a natural latex bed or a responsibly made foam bed, utilizing CertiPUR-US certified foams that will be long lasting. Don't fall for greenwashing.