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A comfort layer exchange you can redeem once, at any time, to alter the feel of your mattress or to increase its lifespan (this option saves you time and money while reducing waste).

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The Nest Bedding Mattress Lineup - Explained

While most of the Online Mattress brands are launching "One Size Fits All" mattress selections, I have chosen to take more of a personalized approach by offering something for everyone.

Yes, simplified choice certainly makes choosing a bed easier. When there is one, it is less confusing. However, just because a company has one mattress doesn't mean there is one to choose from! There are TONS of "One Perfect Mattress" type companies online now, so it is anything BUT a simplified choice. If anything, its just as confusing, if not more confusing, as many of these brands claim to have the perfect mattress.

Having worked with people for decades now, helping everyone from Governors to Sports Stars to just everyday superstars like yourself, I can tell you there is absolutely no way to make a mattress that is comfortable for every person. Why not? Well, you have different body types, you have people with allergies to certain materials, you have heavy people, light people, combinations of couples, people with curves and wide shoulders and people with back issues, people with injuries and surgeries. You get the picture: There is just no way to make one bed fit all people.

It is with this simple fact in mind I decided to take the ease and painless shopping experience of online mattress shopping and apply it to a more balanced, more logical mattress selection. I created a Good, Better and Best line of mattresses and gave customers a choice within that lineup so they could choose the feel, material type and price range which fits their lifestyle and firmness preference.

Designing the 3 line approach was simple, as I know I wanted to represent the few ways beds can be made. In the Good line, I wanted a bed that would compete with the Caspers and Tuft and Needles of the mattress world, value based and comfortable. I created The Love and Sleep Mattress. Using Energex foam over strong Edge Support Foam and employing a quilted top gave us a value priced line with a luxury feel. Most beds in this price range do not have a quilted top nor convoluted base foam. These elements make for a great feeling, cool sleeping and comfortable mattress for many sleepers. 

Next we built what I would consider our "Bread and Butter" line, the Alexander Signature Series. These beds were designed to directly compete with Tempur and Simmons beds in the $2000 to $5000 range. Comfortable and breathable, we wanted to build a bed that would blow away other foam beds in the online market with both feel and breathability. A quick look at review sites across the internet would show we accomplished that goal as the Alexander line is one of the top recommended beds online. 2016 brought the release of our newest Alexander mattress, the Alexander Hybrid mattress. Already receiving rave reviews, this mattress is a combination of memory foam and pocketed coils and is set to compete directly with Saatva, BeautyRest and the Tempur Hybrid mattresses. I feel the bed with be one of the best sellers in the online mattress market in 2016. And we also have a Latex Hybrid version for those who want a more natural solution.

Our newest and last mattress in our lineup, The Graphite Latex Mattress. This mattress will turn the latex mattress market on its ear with the most innovative latex build on the internet. All certified organic layers, a unique convoluted adjustable layer, a very innovative organic cotton cover and no fire barrier. That is right, no wool, completely vegan! No chemicals either! We have accomplished something no one else has done, we created a latex infused with graphite to the point where it passes Federal fire safety tests without the use of chemicals or wool, making this one of the first truly organic and vegan latex mattresses on the market. 

Our staff is available by phone or email to answer any questions you have and make a very educated recommendation for your next mattress purchase. We have something for everyone and every budget.