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Is Your Pillow Stealing Your Sleep?

Categories: pillows

So much focus is placed on your mattress and how your mattress can affect, for the good and the bad, your sleep. So much so that often your pillows are overlooked. Your pillow can be stealing your sleep and you don't even know it!

It is not uncommon for most people to have a random collection of pillows on their bed and more in their closet. The search for the most comfortable pillow can be frustrating: Too hard, too soft, too hot, too tall, too flat. All these factors can add up to robbing you of restful sleep and leading to neck and back pain.

How do you find the perfect pillow?

There are many different materials used to make pillows, and equally as many different gimmicks and shapes. Marketing plays on consumer's frustrations in the search for the perfect pillow, promising the world. Some promise more oxygen, some promise to stop your snoring. And while there are many claims, not one pillow is perfect for every customer. What are some factors you should consider then?


  • Adjustability: Find a pillow that lets you customize the height to get your perfect support. Pillows like the Easy Breather have zippers and access to the fill, allowing you to remove or add materials to find the perfect fit
  • Avoid Feathers and Down: Down and Feathers are nice and soft, however, they break down quickly and don't hold their support during the night. When you move, the pillow shifts, and you lose your support.
  • Find Pillows Made From What You Sleep On: If you have a comfortable foam or latex mattress, find the pillow that matches that material. Oftentimes the surface you find comfy will translate into a comfy pillow as well.
  • Get Support! We all need neck and shoulder support. The curves in the neck are sensitive and require proper support. Contour pillows and pillows which hold their shape through the night work best.

If you are experiencing back and neck issues or restless sleep, consider swapping out your pillows as a lesser expensive way to reclaim your sleep.