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What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping On Memory Foam?

Memory Foam mattresses have a polarizing effect on people; they either love them or hate them, based on the experience they have laying on one or sleeping on one. But since all memory foam mattresses are not created equally, it is easy to form an opinion from one type of memory foam mattress and not realize that all memory foam mattresses are not created the same.

There are many types of memory foam. Most people have laid on a Tempur-Pedic type of memory foam mattress and found they did not like the dense, "stuck in a hole" feeling, unable to move, or the heat that builds up. Fortunately, there are as many feels of memory foam as there are mattress companies. There are many different ways to make memory foam mattresses and some of them sleep cool and do not give that stuck in a hole feeling.

What are the benefits of sleeping on a memory foam mattress? Since they are not all the same, we will talk about the memory foams we carry in the Nest Bedding stores. The two brands we carry, Bed In A Box and Nest Bedding's Love Bed and Alexander Signature Select, are both certified non-toxic, both very breathable and both not so dense so you don't get that stuck in a hole feeling.

Both of these types of foam mattresses have some benefits you cannot find in other types of mattresses. One of the biggest advantages to sleeping on memory foam is the lack of pressure on your body, the pressure you get from a very dense foam, a traditional non-zoned latex bed or a common metal spring coil mattress. Memory foam mattresses do not push pressure back into your body, it absorbs the pressure. The benefit to this is better blood flow and less pressure means less pain on the hips and shoulders, which translates to less movement and deeper sleep. Coil beds push pressure back on your body and cause pain and decreases blood flow. These factors can keep you waking up to move through the night, reducing the quality of sleep.

Memory foam mattresses can also last a long time, longer than traditional coil mattresses, if the quality of the foam is high, like the memory foams in the Nest Bedding line up of mattresses. Most coil mattresses use lower density foams which break down quickly. Also, when you lay on a coil mattress, you are actually wearing out the layers from both sides! When laying on a mattress, gravity turns your body weight into energy, and that energy pushes down on the layers. At the same time, that energy pushes into the metal coils. The metal coils push back, or bounce, that energy back up, putting pressure on the foam from under the layers. This wears the layers from the top and bottom, wearing it out faster.

Memory foam beds can provide a cool, comfortable sleep surface, its just a matter of finding the right type of memory foam mattress, like the kind at Nest Bedding.