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The First Oeko Tex Certified Memory Foam Mattress

At Nest Bedding, we pride ourselves at having products you can't find at other stores, and we are constantly following the ever changing technologies in green and eco-friendly products. While most of our competitors are selling the same foams, mattresses and bedding they have for years, the market has passed them by. Not Nest Bedding. We are always on the look out for the newest and safest products on the market. We were the first to carry Bed in a Box, the highest rated mattress on the internet. And now, we have another huge first!

Nest Bedding will be the first on the West Coast to carry the world's first Oeko Tex Certified memory foam mattress! This mattress is made with the most innovative foam, utilizing up to 60% natural plant oil and certified to emit no harmful chemicals. Oeko Tex is an international standard to test and certify that the entire finished product is safe to the highest testing standard, Baby Product safe. No toxic foam, no toxic adhesives, fabrics or fire barrier. All materials are proven safe, and no other memory foam product can promise this.

The foam in this new mattress is made with an unprecedented amount of plant oils, greatly limiting the amount of petroleum other memory foams use to make their foams. The foam was developed for the outdoor furniture industry and is incredibly durable and breathable, making the mattress cool sleeping, solving the issue most memory foam beds have of sleeping hot. 

There are only a few Oeko Tex certified mattresses in our market. In our stores, the Naturepedic Crib mattresses carry this certification. European Sleep Works has this testing on their natural mattresses. Oeko Tex is very well-known in Europe, where testing standards are high, much higher than in the USA. 

One of the most exciting things about this new product for us is the price. This mattress will blow away the competition in our market and should become one of the best selling products in our stores and in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Watch for our big product launch in just a few days!