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Is Your Mattress Making You Sick?

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We are beginning to wake up as a society to the long term dangers of chemical exposure. What used to be laughed off as concerns of hippies and nutjobs is now accepted as fact. Chemical exposure can cause a myriad of issues in the human body as they disrupt the normal function of our body and can lead to death. The FDA approves many of these chemicals in our food and water as acceptable levels, but people are more and more wanting no exposure to any man-made chemicals in their food, water, clothes, personal products and furniture. Bedding and Mattresses have also come under fire as consumers are pushing back against the government's fire chemical protocols and seeking out products that are made safely without the common fire chemicals used in many products. Consumers are also seeking non-toxic memory foam mattresses, pillows, sheets and blankets.

Many people who visit Nest Bedding do so because they have searched online for non-toxic bedding, mattresses and sheets, and organic and natural mattresses. They are seeking non-toxic alternatives to the beds made by Tempurpedic, the subject of a range of recent civil suits stemming from their claims of non-toxic VOC's when in fact it was found their foams off-gas formaldehyde.

How do you know if your bedding and mattress are making you sick? People can suffer from many different ailments associated with chemical exposure, such as memory loss, allergies, headaches, etc. Process of elimination is one of the easiest ways to tell if your bed and bedding are affecting your health.

Do you sleep better or symptom free on the road or at friend's houses? Oftentimes this is can be a great way to know if your bedroom is the culprit or exacerbating your symptoms.

Do you have a new memory foam pillow, new memory foam mattress or topper? These foams can be what is contributing to your issues, as foams can be off-gassing a whole host of chemicals. While not all memory foams are created equally, they can range from highly toxic to completely non-toxic, such as the Love Bed from Nest Bedding. These foams are Oeko Tex Certified Non-Toxic and use a non-chemical fire barrier.

Pillows are another potential issue. Many people love their old down an feather pillows, which can harbor dustmites and be a big source of dust. Same goes for down and feather comforters.

Try spending a night or two away from your house, preferably on an organic or non-toxic mattress to see if this helps with your particular issues.