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One Weird Trick To Fall Asleep

Categories: sleep tips

With all the cares and concerns in this world, it can be difficult to quiet your mind, relax and fall asleep. Many times there are thoughts, plans, cares or concerns running around in our brains, or perhaps we just turned off the television or laptop and all that information leaves us thinking and not sleeping.

Turning off the electronic devices, sipping herbal tea or a relaxing walk around the block are all great ways to help us prepare for bed, but what can we do to help slow down the brain when we can't fall asleep?

We are all familiar with the age-old advice to count sheep. The idea behind this is to focus the brain on a mundane task, and counting sheep can help us relax. However, its not that tough to get bored with keeping track of the sheep jumping a fence, so we need something else to keep us focused but not so much that we don't fall asleep.

Believe it or not, counting backwards will do the trick! That's right, simply start from 100 and slowly start counting down from 100. Counting backwards works because it takes enough effort to remember the next number but simple enough to be monotonous. 

This simple trick will help you fall asleep and calm your mind.

Don't forget as well that cool, breathable bedding and a pressure-free, coil-free mattress from Nest Bedding will also help your body relax and get that sleep your body and mind craves.