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The One Big Mistake People Make With Their Mattress

Categories: mattress topper

Buying a mattress is one of the least favorite activities you will have to endure in life, and that means people will try all kinds of tricks to extend the life of their mattress. I had a customer in the store yesterday who told me he actually stacked old newspaper under the sheets to fill in the body impressions!

The one BIG mistake people make when their mattress is worn out and exhibiting a big body impression is putting a topper on the mattress. Sure, I understand the logic: a topper will fill in the divot. However, that is flawed logic. 

Most major brand mattresses, such as Sealy, Serta and Simmons, have some of the lowest consumer ratings and a quick read of online reviews will show that these traditional mattresses are not rated highly. The reason is most of these big name brands use very low quality, cheap fill materials inside their mattresses. These materials begin to break down very soon after you begin sleeping on the mattress, leading to body impressions.

The reason adding a topper to that indented mattress is a big mistake is because the topper will merely follow the indented surface below. It does not have the capability of making the surface supportive again. Thus, you end up with a softer mattress with no lower back support.

Another thing I have seen is people putting a large piece of plywood beneath their mattress in an attempt to even out the indented mattress. Again, this will not rejuvenate the mattress, rather, it can lead to the mattress sleeping warmer and even increase the risk of mold developing under the mattress.

The answer here is to shop for a mattress made with more durable materials. Avoid traditional coil mattresses, which are designed to break down quickly. Look for foam beds made with durable, higher density foams. Most big brands use 1.3 to 1.8 density foams to create their mattresses. These foams, over the coils, compress quickly, thus, a body impression.

Nest Bedding only sells mattresses with higher density and non-toxic foams, warranted to last many years. So, don't make the mistake of buying a junk mattress, and don't further waste money on a topper that won't solve the issue. Buy a better quality bed and enjoy a great night's sleep every night.