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Why Did My Mattress Get A Body Impression?

You turned it, flipped it, heck you even sang to it, and yet your relatively new mattress developed a body impression very quickly. But wait, didn't the salesperson at the mattress store say the mattress would last for 20 years? Oh, or did they say it had a 20 year WARRANTY? 

If you have a mattress that is less than 3-5 years old and it already has developed a body impression, you are not alone. Many customers who walk into my mattress stores complain about body impressions developing in their beds rather quickly. Here is one story where so-called "experts" suggest buying a new mattress every seven years. Some local retailers even tell you to replace your bed every 5-7 years! I highly doubt their salespeople are telling you this when you are looking to purchase that $5000 bed.

But why, why does it get a body impression so fast, or at all? 

Most mattresses, not all, but most mattress made with coils are the worst offenders, but some foam mattresses do this as well. You can buy the most expensive mattress or the best price mattress and it will still happen. It has to do with deceptive practices. Many mattress companies will make the mattress to feel good and look impressive on the showroom floor, but inside they build the mattress with low grade foam and fibers that matte down rather quickly under weight. This leads to the impression. 

Many customers think it is the coil unit that starts to sag. People, it is rarely the coils, especially in a newer mattress. Coils are steel, double heat tempered to hold their shape, and durable. No, its the low density foams and poly fibers and batting they use that quickly mattes down and leads to compromised support, back pain and body impressions. They do this on purpose so you have to come back to the mattress store....wait for it.....every 5-7 years, like they want you to.

The solution? Research! Do your homework. Not all mattress companies make their mattresses to fall apart quickly. Nest Bedding for example builds mattress with high quality mattress materials and better designs. We love our customers but we don't need to see you every 5-7 years, we would rather be known as the company whose beds last.